SUMO Updates – Looking back on 2020

There is a lot happening in 2020 even when the world we live in right now has changed dramatically in just a year. Amidst all that, I feel even more grateful that the passion in our community remains despite all the internal changes in the organization and as we take our time to rearrange the pieces back, and refocus our lenses in order to welcome 2021.

I want to take this opportunity to reflect back and celebrate what we have accomplished together in 2020:

H1: Transition to Conversocial and get the community strategy project off the ground

We begin our journey in Berlin this year for our last all hands before the world goes into the state we are right now. The discussion at that time has also helped us to shape the community strategy project which we’ve been working on since the end of 2019. We also moved our main communication to Matrix, We received a lot of positive feedback during the transition period which made us confident for the full transition. We also managed to move our Social Support platform from Buffer Reply to Conversocial in March.

We’ve done a lot of progress on the onboarding project too, as part of the community strategy project. Now we have the design and the copy ready for implementation, which still needs to be scheduled.

H2: Intoruducing Play Store Support officially and getting the base metrics agreed

In Q3, we focused our efforts to helped the mobile team to transition from Fennec to Fenix. And we use the rest of the year to work on the remaining areas from the community strategy project that we have re-evaluated. One of the most important piece is the base metrics for the community which I can’t wait to share with you the beginning of next year. On top of that, I’m also putting together a plan to leverage this page as a guidelines center for the contributors moving forward.

Recently, we’ve also managed to do an experiment on tagging on the support forum. This is a small experiment that serves as a stepping stone for the larger tagging strategy project that we will be working on as a team for the next year.

I want also to acknowledge how difficult 2020 was. “Difficult” is probably not even the right word. Despite the combination of uncertainty, various turmoil, frustration, that we experienced, I’m grateful that we could remain focus and accomplished all of these things together.

Thank you is barely enough to express how grateful we are for all the contributions, discussion, ideas, and feedback that we shared through the year 2020. But nevertheless, thank you for always believing and being part of Mozilla’s mission.

Let’s keep on rocking the free web through 2021 and beyond!