2021 Retrospection

This is probably a moment where we usually say to ourselves how time flies so fast. Despite the pandemic and the uncertainty that lingers this year, I’m proud and grateful that this community managed to keep being awesome and accomplished many things this year. Through this post, I’d like us to take a moment to flashback and celebrate what we’ve accomplished this year.

  • Forum:
    • Total volume: We received a total of more than 40K questions this year (very similar to 2020). That being said, there’s a slight drop in the average answered rate which got 70.96% in 2021 (compared to 73.55% in 2020) and our solved rate is 15.99% (compared to 17.31% in 2020). On the other hand, our average first response is improving from 16 hours in 2020 to 14 hours this year.
  • KB:
    • In 2021, our platform has gathered slightly more than 350 million page views (357,557,483 to be exact). This is a 28.96% drop from the overall page views in 2020 and by far the most significant downturn in the past 3 years, compared to 2019 vs 2020 (dropped only to 10.64%) or 2019 vs 2018 (19.26% drop).
  • Localization:
    • Non-English locales contributed to 57.7% of our overall traffic this year. This number reflects just how important the localization communities are for our support team. Our top 10 non-English locales in 2021 are: DE, FR, ES, zh-CN, pt-BR, RU, Ja, IT, PL, and zh-TW.
  • Social and Play Store:
    • @FirefoxSupport: We’ve got 3437 incoming conversations overall in 2021, with 84.5% of them having successfully interacted. We reached our peak in June during the MR1 release (484 incoming conversations in a day).
    • @Firefox: For the brand account, we received 33817 incoming conversations with 25% of them having successfully interacted.
    • Firefox for Android: Total incoming conversations was 103033 with only 2.4% of them having successfully interacted.
    • Firefox Focus: Incoming conversations was 1013 in total with 25% of them having successfully interacted.
    • Firefox Klar: 105 in total with 12.4% of them interacted.

Highlight of the year: 

  • Community:
    • We managed to continue working on the onboarding project by conducting survey and updating our documentation. However, due to priority, we have to again, postpone the technical implementation (hopefully until only the beginning of next year).
  • Communication:
    • We started having regular community updates in our blog. The first one was in Q1 and we continue to have it on a monthly basis.
    • We started Firefox Daily Digest newsletter to make it easier for you to get Firefox updates from Reddit, Twitter, and other news sources.
    • We started mailing groups for Social and Play Store Support groups. We want to make it easier for the community to receive program-specific updates without having to check the Contributor Forum.
    • We’ve experimented with videos! Huge thanks to Julie for driving most of the effort.
  • Tooling:
    • We moved Play Store Support from the Respond Tool to Conversocial in March. Until now, we have Firefox for Android, Firefox Focus, and Firefox Klar Google Play Store reviews connected in Conversocial.
    • Leo started to document Kitsune release notes in Discourse. This is a great thing for the community who are curious about Kitsune development progress.
    • We regain access to @SUMO_Mozilla Twitter account that was gone for a few years before. Yay! The plan is to continue using the account to communicate community-related update, while keep using @FirefoxSupport for support-related.
    • We removed the advanced search page and substitute it with a syntax system.
  • Product:
    • We release Firefox 84 – 95 within this year. There are also MR1 and MR2 in between.
    • We also started to support Microsoft Store reviews for Firefox Desktop. The launch was a huge success, and we’re at 4.8 rating currently at Microsoft Store.
    • Firefox Relay Premium was launched just before the end of the year. You can now subscribe to more services with an alias email you’ve generated from Firefox Relay!
  • Team:
    • We said goodbye to Joni and Madalina this year but on the other hand, we also welcomed Daryl, Fabi, Joe, and Abby, and of course, even more new contributors.

We can’t thank the community enough for your relentless support and commitment for Mozilla and Firefox users. To show you how grateful we are, we’ve created this board to deliver some personal messages we’ve gathered from the whole Customer Experience team about the community. We really appreciate your contribution and hope that we can continue to work together in 2022 and beyond.

If you’re a looker and interested in contributing to SUMO, please head over to our Wiki to learn more about our programs!

As always, please keep on rocking the free and helpful web!


On behalf of the Customer Experience Team,