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Introducing Firefox Relay Premium

If you’re a fan of Firefox Relay, you may have been waiting for the day when you can add more aliases. After a long wait, you can now celebrate because we’re launching Firefox Relay Premium today.

As a refresher, Firefox Relay is a free service available at where you’ll get five email aliases to use whenever you sign-up for an online account. Today, Firefox Relay is launching as a premium subscription where you can unlock unlimited aliases and additional features.

What will users get when they subscribe to Firefox Relay Premium?

Users who subscribe to Firefox Relay Premium will be able to create an unlimited number of aliases, add a custom subdomain, reply to forwarded emails, and get Premium support. To learn more about Firefox Relay Premium, please read this blog post.

What does this mean for the SUMO community? 

As of today, we have added Firefox Relay to the list of products in SUMO. Users will be able to browse through the Knowledge Base article and submit their questions directly to our support agent. There’s no traditional AAQ for Firefox Relay Premium. You’re welcome to reply to Firefox Relay question in social media/Firefox forum if you’re confident with your answer. Otherwise, please escalate the question to the admins (see here for forum, or here for social support). As contributors, we invite you to help improve our Knowledge Base articles and localize them.

This is a monumental moment for Mozilla in our journey to add more Premium product offerings, and we’re super excited about this release. If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the admins.


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