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What’s up with SUMO – December 2021

Hey SUMO folks,

December is here. As you’re sliding off into a more cozy corner of your house surrounded by your family members, let’s see what SUMO has been up to in the last month of 2021.

Welcome on board!

Community news

  • Firefox 95 was a hectic release. We’ve got dot releases for almost every version. We couldn’t thank all of you enough for the quick turnaround on handling some of the issues that appear right after the release. Read the wiki to catch up on information and learn more about what happened.
  • We’ve been experimenting with locale-specific queues in Conversocial. A couple of years back when we migrated from Buffer Reply, we made the decision to only focus on English conversations due to our limited resources at that time. Conversocial doesn’t have a built-in language detection feature like Buffer Reply. So we have to use a list of keywords to be able to detect language that was, then, differentiated by tags. So far, we have identified keywords from the following non-English locale:
    • Germany
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Indonesian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Turkish

Let me know if you’d like to have your own locale queue. Right now, we route all conversations from @Firefox and @FirefoxSupport Twitter accounts, as well as Google Play reviews from Firefox for Android and Firefox Focus. We’re hoping to continue to make the most of Conversocial for the Social and Play Store Support moving forward. So let us know if you have any ideas on how to make your contribution easier to do within the tool.

  • Check out the following release notes from Kitsune in December:
    • No Kitsune release notes for this month. Check out SUMO Engineering Board instead to see what the team is currently doing.

Community call

  • Watch the monthly community call if you haven’t. Learn more about what’s new in November and December!
  • Reminder: Don’t hesitate to join the call in person if you can. We try our best to provide a safe space for everyone to contribute. You’re more than welcome to lurk in the call if you don’t feel comfortable turning on your video or speaking up. If you feel shy to ask questions during the meeting, feel free to add your questions on the contributor forum in advance, or put them in our Matrix channel, so we can address them during the meeting.

Community stats


KB pageviews (*)

* KB pageviews number is a total of KB pageviews for /en-US/ only

Month  Page views (per Dec 20) Vs previous period
Dec 2021 7,490,868 1.93%

Top 5 KB contributors in the last 90 days: 

  1. AliceWyman
  2. Pierre Mozinet
  3. Michele Rodaro
  4. Rowan
  5. Unixfan

KB Localization

Top 10 locale based on total page views

Locale Dec 2021 page views (per Dec, 20)(*) Localization progress (per Dec, 20)(**)
de 10.06% 99%
fr 7.08% 90%
zh-CN 6.59% 98%
es 5.48% 36%
pt-BR 4.90% 57%
ru 4.17% 88%
ja 3.73% 51%
zh-TW 2.45% 5%
it 2.31% 100%
pl 2.28% 87%

* Locale pageviews is an overall pageviews from the given locale (KB and other pages)

** Localization progress is the percentage of localized article from all KB articles per locale

Top 5 localization contributors in the last 90 days: 

  1. Michele Rodaro
  2. Artist
  3. Mark Heijl
  4. Jim Spentzos
  5. Soucet

Forum Support

Forum stats

Month (per Dec, 20) Total questions Answer rate within 72 hrs Solved rate within 72 hrs Forum helpfulness
Dec 2021 2178 71.03% 14.23% 71.84%

Top 5 forum contributors in the last 90 days: 

  1. FredMcD
  2. Cor-el
  3. Sfhowes
  4. Jscher2000
  5. Seburo

Social Support and Play Store Support

Channel Dec 2021
Total conv Conv interacted
@firefox 1454 255
@FirefoxSupport 183 165
Firefox for Android 5312 490
Firefox Focus 165 99

Top 5 contributors in Dec 2021

  1. Paul Wright
  2. Christophe Villeneuve
  3. Tim Maks van den Broek
  4. Andrew Truong
  5. Bithiah Koshy

Product updates

Firefox desktop

  • Desktop V96 (Jan 11)
    • Lockwise branding removal (Thanks Alice for getting the work started)
    • Onboarding colorways spotlight upgrade
    • More from Mozilla about:preferences experiment
    • Dark mode improvements
    • 2021 WebRTC library update

Firefox mobile (Jan 11)

There will be a version bump for Fx iOS products in the upcoming release. Fx iOS and Focus iOS will jump from V40 to V96. Consistent version numbers will make it simpler to ensure you’re using the latest version of Firefox across all devices. There will be no user impact or functionality updates related to this change.

  • Android
    • Background updates and bug fixes
  • iOS
    • Version bump from V40-V96
    • Keyboard shortcuts in Fx for iOS
  • Focus
    • iOS Version bump from V40-V96
    • Repositioning of the Settings menu so that its visible when you open the app (iOS)
    • Repositioning of Trash icon to search bar menu (Android)
    • Easier view of how many tabs a user has open (Android)
    • Total Cookie Protection (Android)
    • Smart Block (Android)

Other products / Experiments

  • Premium Relay (Dec 15)
    • Mostly backend updates
  • Premium Relay (Jan 12)
    • Custom Subdomain Education
    • Sign in with Rt-click
    • Sign in with Alias Icon
  • VPN V2.7(Jan 26)
    • Captive Portal Improvements
    • Multi-Hop (Mobile)
    • Localization of MAC (Multi-Account Containers)


  • Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Firefox 95 release. It was a bumpy one, but we’re managed to get through it together. Yay for a happy ending of 2021!

If you know anyone that we should feature here, please contact Kiki and we’ll make sure to add them in our next edition.

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