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What’s up with SUMO – Q1 2021

Hey SUMO folks,

Starting from this month, we’d like to reenact our old tradition to have the summary of what’s happening in our SUMO nation. But instead of weekly like the old days, we’re going to have a monthly updates. This post will be an exception though, as we’d like to recap the entire Q1 of 2021.

So, let’s get to it!

Welcome on board!

  1. Welcome to bingchuanjuzi (rebug). Thank you for your contribution to 62 zh-CN articles despite just getting started in Oct 2020.
  2. Hello and welcome Vinay to the Gujarati localization group. Thanks for picking up the work in a locale that has been inactive for awhile.
  3. Welcome back to JCPlus. Thank you for stewarding the Norsk (No) locale.
  4. Welcome brisu and Manu! Thank you for helping us with Firefox for iOS questions.
  5. Welcome to Kaio Duarte to the Social Support program!
  6. Devin and Matt C for their comeback to Social Support program (Devin has helped us with Buffer Reply and Matt was part of Army of Awesome program in the past).

Last but not least, let’s join us to welcome to Fabi and Daryl to the SUMO team. Fabi is the new Technical Writer (although, I should note that she will be helping us with Spanish localization as well) and Daryl is joining us as a Senior User Experience Designer. Welcome both!

Community news

  • Play Store Support is transitioning to Conversocial. Please read the full announcement in our blog if you haven’t.
  • Are you following news about Firefox? If yes is your answer, then I have good news for you. You can now subscribe to Firefox Daily Digest to get updates about what people are talking about Firefox and other Mozilla products on social media like Reddit and Twitter.
  • Another good news from the Twitter-land. Finally, we regain our access to @SUMO_mozilla Twitter account (if you want to learn the backstory, go watch our community call in March). Also, go follow the account if you haven’t because we’re going to use it to share more community updates moving forward.
  • Check out the following release notes from Kitsune in the past quarter:

Community call

  • Watch the monthly community call if you haven’t. Learn more about what’s new in January, February, and March.
  • Reminder: Don’t hesitate to join the call in person if you can. We try our best to provide a safe space for everyone to contribute. You’re more than welcome to lurk in the call if you don’t feel comfortable turning on your video or speaking up. If you feel shy to ask questions during the meeting, feel free to add your questions on the contributor forum in advance, or put them in our Matrix channel, so we can address them during the meeting.

Community stats


KB Page views

Month Page views Vs previous month
January 2020 12,860,141 +3.72%
February 2020 11,749,283 -9.16%
March 2020 12,143,366 +3.2%

Top 5 KB contributors in the last 90 days: 

  1. AliceWyman
  2. Jeff
  3. Marchelo Ghelman
  4. Artist
  5. Underpass

KB Localization

Top 10 locale based on total page views

Locale Jan 2020 Feb 2020 Mar 2020 Localization progress (per 6 Apr)
de 11.69% 11.3% 10.4% 98%
fr 7.33% 7.23% 6.82% 90%
es 5.98% 6.48% 6.4% 47%
zh-CN 4.7% 4.14% 5.94% 97%
ru 4.56% 4.82% 4.41% 99%
pt-BR 4.56% 5.41% 5.8% 72%
ja 3.64% 3.61% 3.68% 57%
pl 2.56% 2.54% 2.44% 83%
it 2.5% 2.44% 2.45% 95%
nl 1.03% 0.99% 0.98% 98%

Top 5 localization contributor in the last 90 days: 

  1. Ihor_ck
  2. Artist
  3. Markh2
  4. JimSp472
  5. Goudron

Forum Support

Forum stats

Month Total questions Answer rate within 72 hrs Solved rate within 72 hrs Forum helpfulness
Jan 2020 3936 68.50% 15.52% 70.21%
Feb 2020 3582 65.33% 14.38% 77.50%
Mar 2020 3639 66.34% 14.70% 81.82%

Top 5 forum contributor in the last 90 days: 

  1. Cor-el
  2. FredMcD
  3. Jscher2000
  4. Sfhowes
  5. Seburo

Social Support

Channel Jan 2020 Feb 2020 Mar 2020
Total conv Conv handled Total conv Conv handled Total conv Conv handled
@firefox 3,675 668 3,403 136 2,998 496
@FirefoxSupport 274 239 188 55 290 206

Top 5 contributors in Q1 2021

  1. Md Monirul Alom
  2. Andrew Truong
  3. Matt C
  4. Devin E
  5. Christophe Villeneuve

Play Store Support

We don’t have enough data for the Play Store Support yet. However, you can check out the overall Respond Tool metrics here.

Product updates

Firefox desktop

Firefox mobile

  • What’s new in Firefox for Android
  • Additional messaging to set Firefox as a default app were added in Firefox for iOS 32.
  • There’s also additional widget for iOS as well as improvement on bookmarking that were introduced in V32.

Other products / Experiments

  • VPN MacOS and Linux Release.
  • VPN Feature Updates Release.
  • Firefox Accounts Settings Updates.
  • Mozilla ION → Rally name change
  • Add-ons project – restoring search engine defaults.
  • Sunset of Amazon Fire TV.


If you know anyone that we should feature here, please contact Kiki and we’ll make sure to   add them in our next edition.

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