Social Support program updates

TL;DR: The Social Support Program is moving from Buffer Reply to Conversocial per June, 1st 2020. We’re also going to reply from @FirefoxSupport now instead of the official brand account. If you’re interested to join us in Conversocial, please fill out this form (make sure you meet the requirements before you fill out the form). 


We have very exciting news from the Social Support Program. In the past, we invited a few trusted contributors to Buffer Reply in order to let them reply to Twitter conversations from the official account. However, since Buffer sunset their Reply service per the 1st of June, now we officially moved to Conversocial to replace Buffer Reply.

Conversocial is one of a few tools that stood out from the search process that began at the beginning of the year because it focuses on support rather than social media management. We like the pricing model as well since it doesn’t restrict us from adding more contributors because it’s volume-based instead of seat-based.

If you’re interested to join us on Conversocial, please fill out this form. However, please be advised that we have a few requirements before we can let you into the tool.

Here are a few resources that we’ve updated to reflect the changes in the Social Support program:

We also just acquire @FirefoxSupport account on Twitter with the help of the Marketing team. Moving forward, contributors from the social support program will continue to reply from this account instead of the official brand account. This will allow the official brand account to focus on brand engagement and will also give us an opportunity to utilize the greater functionality of a full account.

We’re happy about the change and excited to see how we can scale the program moving forward. I hope you all share the same excitement and will continue to support and rocking the helpful web!