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Let’s meet online: Virtual All Hands 2020

Hi folks,

Here I am again sharing with you the amazing experience of another All Hands.

This time no traveling was involved, and every meeting, coffee, and chat were left online.

Virtuality seems the focus of this 2020 and if on one side we strongly missed the possibility of being together with colleagues and contributors, on the other hand, we were grateful for the possibility of being able to connect.

Virtual All Hands has been running for a week, from the 15th of June to the 18th, and has been full of events and meetups.

As SUMO team we had three events running on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, along with the plenaries and Demos that were presented on Hubs. Floating in virtual reality space while experiencing and listening to new products and features that will be introduced in the second part of the year has been a super exciting experience and something really enjoyable.

Let’s talk about our schedule, shall we?

On Tuesday we run our Community update meeting in which we focussed around what happened in the last 6 months, the projects that we successfully completed, and the ones that we have left for the next half of the year.

We talked a lot about the community plan, and which are the next steps we need to take to complete everything and release the new onboarding experience before the end of the year.

We did not forget to mention everything that happened to the platform. The new responsive redesign and the ask-a-question flow have greatly changed the face of the support forum, and everything was implemented while the team was working on a solution for the spam flow we have been experiencing in the last month.

If you want to read more about this, here are some forum posts we wrote in the last few weeks you can go through regarding these topics:

On Wednesday we focused on presenting the campaign for the Respond Tool. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, we shared some resources regarding the tool here. The campaign will run up until today, but we still need your intake on many aspects, so join us on the tool!

The main points we went through during the meeting were:

  • Introduction about the tool and the announcement on the forum
  • Updates on Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Update about the Respond Tool
  • Demo (how to reply, moderate, or use canned response) – Teachable course
  • Bugs. If you use the Respond Tool, please file bugs here
  • German and Spanish speakers needed: we have a high volume of review in Spanish and German that need your help!

On Thursday we took care of Conversocial, the new tool that substitutes Buffer from now on. We have already some contributors joining us on the tool and we are really happy with everyone ‘s excitement in using the tool and finally having a full twitter account dedicated to SUMO. @firefoxsupport is here, please go, share and follow!

The agenda of the meeting was the following:

  • Introduction about the tool
  • Contributor roles
  • Escalation process
  • Demo on Conversocial
  • @FirefoxSupport overview

If you were invited to the All Hands or you have NDA access you can access to the meetings at this link:

Thank you for your participation and your enthusiasm as always, we are missing live interaction but we have the opportunity to use some great tools as well. We are happy that so many people could enjoy those opportunities and created such a nice environment during the few days of the All Hands.

See you really soon!

The SUMO Team