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Introducing Dayana Galeano

Hi everybody, 

I’m excited to welcome Dayana Galeano, our new Community Support Advocate, to the Customer Experience team.

Here’s a short introduction from Dayana: 

Hi everyone! My name is Dayana and I’ll be helping out with mobile support for Firefox. I’ll be pitching in to help respond to app reviews and identifying trends to help track feedback. I’m excited to join this community and work alongside all of you!

Since the Community Support Advocate role is new for Mozilla Support, we’d like to take a moment to describe the role and how it will enhance our current support efforts. 

Open-source culture has been at the center of Mozilla’s identity since the beginning, and this has been our guide for how we support our products. Our “peer to peer” support model, powered by the SUMO community, has enabled us to support Firefox and other products through periods of rapid growth and change, and it’s been a crucial strategy to our success. 

With the recent launches of premium products like Mozilla VPN and Firefox Relay, we’ve adapted our support strategy to meet the needs and expectations of subscribers. We’ve set up processes to effectively categorize and identify issues and trends, enabling us to pull meaningful insights out of each support interaction. In turn, this has strengthened our relationships with product teams and improved our influence when it comes to improving customer experience. With this new role, we hope to apply some of these processes  to our peer to peer support efforts as well.

To be clear about our intentions, this is not a step away from peer to peer support at Mozilla. Instead, we are optimistic that this will deepen the impact our peer to peer support strategy will have with the product teams, enabling us to better segment our support data, share more insightful reports on releases, and showcase the hard work that our community is putting into SUMO each and every day. This can then pave the way for additional investment into resources, training, and more effective onboarding for new members of the community. 

Dayana’s primary focus will be supporting the mobile ecosystem, including Firefox for Android, Firefox for iOS, Firefox Focus (Android and iOS), as well as Firefox Klar. The role will initially emphasize support question moderation, including tagging and categorizing our inbound questions, and the primary support channels will be app reviews on iOS and Android. This will evolve over time, and we will be sure to communicate about these changes.

And with that, please join me to give a warm welcome to Dayana!