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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-03-02


  • djst has serious connection problems today so this meeting was done in, channel #sumo.
  • Weekly metrics
    • Number of new forum posts has gone down, but the responses are up, much thanks to our heroes cor-el and Quarantine
    • Bounce rate on start page is up from 53% to 60%. Last week the most popular support articles list was updated. Is that the reason? Need to figure this out before we launch the first start page optimization test.
  • Last week’s weekly support issues (Actually delayed due to snow… will have by this afternoon)

Knowledge Base

  • Cannot uninstall an add-on article is finally updated for MS .NET add-on issue. bug 476661
    • Bo did much of the heavy lifting — big thanks for that!
  • Going to add additional categories for Windows, Mac, and Linux. bug 480566 (part of upcoming “This article applies to” feature)
  • Creating Articles translated into German by Thomas Lendo, who posted proposal for added clarity in English article.


  • Number of contributors not up much since my blog post but hopefully will keep an eye on it.
    • djst, zzxc, cww, cilias, and OzFox1 to start their days with 10 minutes of forum helping!

Live Chat

  • Dump of top 25 issues from last week, crashes and sqlite corruption still major issues
  • 12 new helper accounts last week, 3 answered at least one chat
  • Orcadas is now a room monitor
  • OzFox1 has some ideas for the future web based Live Chat client. zzxc and OzFox1 to talk about requirements to make sure all ideas are considered.


  • SUMO Community Map created. If you’re a SUMO contributor, get yourself added to the map!
  • Reminder that next week’s meeting will be our second SUMO community meeting. Everyone is invited! Great opportunity to provide direct feedback or ask any questions about SUMO, help planning the upcoming Support Firefox Day, and much more.

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  1. Rockynight wrote on

    Good morning,

    I may not be the most skilled person. But I would like to help out where I can.