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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-03-23


  • Weekly metrics
    • Start page bounce rate is now based on instead of The latter is not nearly as trafficked as the former (by a factor of 10) so this will give us much more reliable data.
      • The traffic that still goes to Firefox+Support+Home+Page are locales that do exist at but not yet on SUMO
    • What do we base “New Contributors” on?
      • The subset of “Active contributors” that registered last week
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
  • Slight changes in SUMO milestone version numbers: rather than releasing SUMO 1.0 and then immediately releasing 1.1 the following week, we decided to renumber the releases to give the psychologically more powerful 1.0 version number more focus (and making it remain the current release for longer than just one week). As a result:
    • SUMO 0.9.5 (formerly 1.0) will be released tomorrow, which will include the backend of the localization dashboard — however, the full functionality will not be included until SUMO 1.0 is released.
    • SUMO 1.0 (formerly 1.1) will be released next week, giving us a lot of usability fixes and polish based on the UX audit.

Knowledge Base


  • Timeouts on the forums led to lots of dupes this week. So numbers are possibly all screwy. (And related, it’s time consuming to lock them all so many of them are marked “proposed solution” so stats next week will be screwy too.) This is bug 484753.
  • Also traffic is down but so is participation but may be related to the above.

Live Chat

  • Metrics update: 28 new helper accounts, 4 new helpers taking chats, 18 active helpers
  • Asking for feedback from the community in the Contributors forum


  • If you see cases of malware based on downloading Firefox from a third-party site, Mozilla has a page to report the site. [3] (Already added to our article on malware.) – cilias