Making use of article feedback

At the bottom of each knowledge base article, users have the option of submitting article feedback.


Feedback is great, but pointless if we don’t act on it. Every week, we take useful article comments, and post them in the Contributors Forum, so the support community can address that feedback in the wiki powered knowledge base.

For example, a user commented on the Clearing Private Data article, asking

“After you hit the clear , what happen next, Do I look for something to show it has been completed.”

We added a sentence to the article, stating that private data would cleared, and all that is left is to close the Clear Private data window.

As contributors, it is that type of feedback that often does not cross our minds; and so it is important to channel feedback from average users and take advantage of it. By listening to user feedback, we can improve the knowledge base in key ways that help the majority of Firefox users. It is also helpful to people wanting to contribute to the knowledge base, but don’t know what edits to make.

The weekly post usually happens on Wednesdays, and is titled “Useful article comments…” You can view this week’s digest now. If you are logged in, you can also see article comments at the bottom of each knowledge base article; and if you see a comment that you can address in the article, just edit the article!

3 comments on “Making use of article feedback”

  1. mikeal wrote on

    This is great!

    Can we get something like this on mdc?

  2. David Tenser wrote on

    Mikeal, you’d have to ask the MDC team. We work on SUMO. ;)

  3. Kate wrote on

    mikeal, such an enthusiasm is worth moving on SUMO. :)