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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-06-08


  • Weekly metrics
    • A lot of article updates (adding “Firefox 3.5” category to most en-US articles, and many Italian)
    • We need a way to mass-change categories. Cww to file a bug and write a simple SQL script that will be tested on staging.
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Nothing really common.
  • SUMO Q3 goals planning
    • Proposed goals, based on 2009 roadmap and new requirements:
      • Productize SUMO – Make SUMO a support solution that can be deployed for other software projects
      • Launch Fennec Support website based on SUMO
      • Implement contributor karma system to show recognition and encourage participation in the SUMO community
      • Implement WYSIWYG Knowledge Base editor
      • Implement Web based Live Chat client
      • Forum UX (streamline process of submitting and receiving answer to forum question)?
      • Upgrade TikiWiki to 3.0 and get upstreaming process in place
    • Other features?
      • Ability to PM other contributors (cilias). Feels more like a separate bug and not a milestone/goal.
    • In order to make an informed decision about time and resource requirements, we need PRDs for all of these proposed goals. By next week’s sumodev meeting, we should be able to decide which of these goals will happen in Q3.
      • cilias to work on WYSIWYG PRD
      • zzxc to finalize work on already existing Live Chat PRD
      • djst & Cww to co-work on forum enhancements (draft PRD)
      • Everyone to work together on karma discussion and future PRD.
      • laura has already written a PRD for Fennec Support

Knowledge Base

  • KB audit for 3.5 is almost done. [1]
    • Going to start thread(s) in contributors forum about remaining articles.
    • Again, big thanks to Bo for helping out.
    • This raised an issue of having to edit an article just to add it to a category.
  • Translation table of home page is having issues, so if fallback does not work for a specific locale, tell us. [2]
  • Lots of article requests last week. [3]
  • How do we take search terms, and figure out what users are most likely searching for?
    • cww says nkoth might know more about this and how the new search engine works. cilias to ask nkoth.


  • Do we force users to have a valid e-mail? [4]
    • Shouldn’t be mandatory; if it is, cww will file a bug

Live Chat


  • SFD definitely June 18th.
  • Next about:sumo just before SFD? Or after?
    • After. We have too much going on at the same time, plus, having it after the SFD will allow us to encourage participants of SFD to sign up for the newsletter.