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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-06-29


  • Firefox 3.5 status
    • List of potential 3.5 issues is up in the Contributor forum
    • Potential addition: Error correction if people have changed folder names of top-level bookmark folders
    • List of add-ons not compatible with 3.5
      • Tab Mix Plus is definitely not compatible
      • TwitterFox?
      • Cww to ask Nick for a list and update the thread today
    • zzxc to post a Contributor forum post about specific Live Chat policies during the hectic launch — we need to be more efficient and less “chatty” to cope with the increased traffic
    • zzxc to blog about the above; cww to review
  • SFD5 review
    • What went really well:
      • Demonstrating new technology. SUMO is a way to learn more about Firefox and be on
      • Getting people together
      • Putting faces on many of the regulars interacting with SUMO — Cww pointed camera to Marcia, reed, etc during the broadcast, which was a fun and engaging way to make the Mozilla people more familiar
      • Video broadcasting worked well
      • Time of day worked well for both Europe and Americas
      • Short and focused event
    • What didn’t work well:
      • Technical issues, like the IRC chat
      • Sometimes video sync problems
      • Video wasn’t really active, often just audio. For example, sometimes nothing changed in the video for minutes, while a discussion was taking place.
    • Ideas for the future:
      • Task-oriented events focusing on specific tasks that need to be completed, and less focus on engaging/fun activities
  • Weekly metrics
    • Top trended search term is Firefox 3.5
    • Firefox Crashes article is not as understandable
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • No specific new issues
    • 3.5 feedback is looking great — no major issues from SUMO users

Knowledge Base

  • KB is ready to 3.5.
    • Screenshots are done for over 60% page hits.
    • Top 6 locales average at over 90% on l10n Dashboard.
    • Articles on Installing Firefox and Updating Firefox will be updated at the time of release.
      • cilias to update the staging copies of the articles and hit the publish button as soon as 3.5 ships
    • If a user notices something that should be updated in the KB, remember to encourage him/her to try editing the article.
  • Any post-3.5 issues that need docs? Use Requesting an article.


  • How many more people participated in the forum during SFD? How many sticked after SFD? Cww to follow up with metrics next week.
  • 5 new contributors registered and posted in the forum last week

Live Chat

  • Blog post tonight about participating during the 3.5 launch
  • Schedule for tomorrow, everyone is invited to sign up to help.
  • Firefox 3.5 tags from last week – user experience by far the top 3.5 issue.
    • zzxc to post detailed info about user experience problems related to 3.5 in Live Chat and ensure that the most important issues are covered in the previously mentioned list


  • Let’s all embrace for impact — the 3.5 launch is going to be awesome/crazy!
  • Great commitments from the QA and engineering teams to help out together with the SUMO community during the launch.