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Help make Launch Day a success!

The community is really excited for the release of Firefox 3.5 tomorrow (Tuesday). The quality of support in the hours following a launch is important to ensure a great upgrading experience and a successful release overall, so we’re organizing an effort to answer as many user questions as possible on Launch Day, Tuesday, June 30th.

Most users on are able to get help via the knowledge base, but some people still need individual help. They may be reporting a new issue or may need help understanding or finding an article. We have two primary ways for these users to ask questions and have a community member (that’s you!) answer- the Forum and Live Chat.

To make this even easier and coordinate efforts, we are also maintaining a list of issues expected to be common in our Contributors Forum. This list contains links to knowledge base articles, bugs, possible solutions and other resources to help with Firefox 3.5 issues. We’ll make sure to update it often so keep that page open. If you are helping with Live Chat, we also have a post with tips for making Live Chat a success on release day.

To get started helping, join #sumo on We’ll have a number of people from the Mozilla Quality Assurance team helping to answer questions, along with Support Team members to answer any questions you have. Thanks to everyone who is able to help make Firefox 3.5 the best release yet!