Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-11-09


  • Happy Birthday Firefox!
  • Weekly metrics
    • 99 active SUMO contributors last week!
    • Bounce rate down by 3% on the start page as a result of the improved design
    • Forum traffic higher than normal, answer rate dropped to 45% last week
  • Last week’s weekly support issues

Knowledge Base

  • New articles:
    • Controlling AVG Firefox add-ons
    • Where are my bookmarks history and other data stored
    • We should be able to use commas and other common characters in article titles
      • Long term solution would be to do it the WordPress way, where the URL is a simplified (and editable) version of the title. The title can then contain any Unicode characters while the URL remains sane.
      • cilias to file bug for the short term solution: adding support for commas
  • 3.6 plan for the KB is up [1]
    • Not using SHOWFOR to distinguish between 3.5 and 3.6 — currently betting on 3.6 being a minor Firefox upgrade. If this changes, we will likely have to support 3.5 and 3.6 separately.
    • Looking into scripting some changes: “Main” panel in Options window has changed to “General”
  • Tutorial for locale leaders to update their start pages [2]
    • cilias to update the tutorial based on what we discussed about using a separate content blocks for the actual article list


  • Will launch forum UX survey this week to evaluate the impact the new forum UX improvements have had to forum contributors

Live Chat

  • New Live Chat shift at 6am PST (9am EST, 2pm WET, 3pm CET), seems to be better for contributors in Asia (already seeing new contributors from Asia!)
  • “Chrome registration” error, corrupt bookmarks, and unable to download files much more common after 3.5.5/3.5.5 update. (full data)


  • Plan for user-to-user support during 3.6 release week.
    • Extended Live Chat hours
    • E-mails + phone calls will probably surge — cww to allocate time for it as it can prove to be helpful in finding out more info about new issues