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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-03-15


  • Weekly metrics
    • Not a major bump from the 3.6 update. Maybe we’ll see more in next week’s traffic.
    • About 70% of the people who use the “None of the above” option when responding to a forum thread actually are giving help, but they are just using the wrong UI option. This means that we should include 70% of those replies in the “Answer rate” metric (line 64 in the weekly metrics)
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Highlight: When you switch from 3.5 to 3.6 and you have an non-standard DPI, Firefox makes all pages really small. cww to investigate.
  • Should we bother trying to remove Mobile module from product help start page? –cilias
    • Yes! (And thanks for spotting this…) cilias to file a bug unless this is possible to configure in the module.

Knowledge Base

  • No new articles this week
  • Test for article titles as questions has begun.
    • All en-US users are diverted 50/50 between the specialized start page and the normal in-product start page
    • cilias to verify with Blake that the test is indeed running.
  • The “Help > For Internet Explorer Users” A/B test done
    • The test shows that the Windows start page is better tailored towards new Firefox users coming from IE
    • djst to file bug to replace forieusers to permanently point to the specialized for all Windows builds (and not just the EU ballot builds)
  • New locale: Bulgarian


Live Chat

  • zzxc is having exams today; no update.


  • Social media outreach
    • We want to start an experiment next week to reach out to users in need of Firefox help on Twitter
    • Long-term objectives:
      1. Monitor Social networks and reach out to users who need help, using small snippets that could solve their problems.
      2. Monitor social networks to get a better understanding of the current perception of Firefox and the biggest problems users experience
      3. Prevent issues from becoming viral by intercepting and channeling to SUMO if help is not possible in the social network.
  • Back to factory defaults — Would it make sense to expand the Troubleshooting Information into a sub-menu with something like “Restore to factory default” or “Restart Firefox in Safe Mode”
    • There is a bug about something similar to this already; cww to dig it up and cc people
    • More generally, we need to take a closer look at what such a solution would do for support, and what the best solution would be