Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-03-29


  • Welcome to the team, Michael Verdi!
  • Q2 (public) SUMO goals:
    • Increase support localization reach by 5% (mostly Kadir)
    • Increase helpfulness of SUMO articles by 2% (djst, cilias, michaelverdi; shared with Metrics team)
    • Implement new support forum (sumodev, Cww)
    • Implement new discussion forums (sumodev)
  • Other noteworthy (internal) Q2 goals:
    • Establish support presence on Twitter (Kadir, zzxc)
    • Incorporate Twitter metrics to our weekly common issues reporting (Cww)
    • Establish weekly reports of mobile Firefox support metrics (Cww)
    • Finalize PRD for new KB (cilias, Kadir, michaelverdi?)
  • Weekly metrics
    • Kadir to reach out to Estonian localizer who has been active the last 3 weeks

Knowledge Base

Live Chat

  • Crashes went up last week
  • More upset Firefox users than normal, both in live chat, mail. Cww and zzxc to synchronize after this meeting to discuss next steps.

Social Media

  • Twitter experiment started this week. Primary objectives for social media support:
    • Reach out to Firefox users in need of help even if they haven’t found our support website
    • Extract useful support metrics for SUMO
    • Use the viral nature of social networks to spread the message about our community-powered support


  • Unicode wiki page name collisions. Decision made to reach out to effected localizers (Kadir) and make sure collisions are solved before the end of this week.