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Introducing the fabulous SUMO Content Manager

After months of hunting, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve found our new Support Content Manager. Starting this week, Michael Verdi joins the SUMO team full time and will primarily focus on improving our support documentation to make it easier to understand, more consistent, and more engaging.

As co-author of the book Secrets of Videoblogging and the creator of the Freevlog tutorials, Michael has a lot of experience with writing software documentation that is easy to understand for “normal people” (with that, I mean people who, unlike me, don’t spend 12+ hours per day in front of a computer). He also has a passion for videos and screencasts, which will be very useful in our efforts to make our help documentation engaging and friendly for the millions of Firefox users out there. His unique skillset will be critical in establishing writing style guidelines and best practices together with our amazing volunteer community of support content writers on SUMO.

Michael Verdi

Michael Verdi, former nuclear submarine mechanical operator.

Aside from writing books, running video blogs, training for a triathlon, and doing robot talk shows — you know, the normal stuff — Michael has also been working as a mechanical operator on a nuclear submarine, been a member of a theater company for nearly 20 years, taught graphic design in a high school, and run a media program for teens. We haven’t yet figured out how we can best use all of his work experience, but there’s certainly no shortage of “been there! done that!” here. Michael also tells me that he’s been married for almost 19 years and that they have two daughters, Dylan, 16 and Lauren, 13. And yes, this is apparently all possible in just one lifetime.

If you want to get in touch with Michael, go visit one of his blogs, or send him a message: he is michaelverdi on (#sumo) and michaelverdi on Twitter. Also, check out his own blog post about his new job: I’m joining the support team at Mozilla.

Welcome to the team, Michael!

4 comments on “Introducing the fabulous SUMO Content Manager”

  1. Verdi wrote on

    What an awesome introduction. Thank you.
    It’s hard to express how excited I am to be joining the SUMO team. I’m truly honored and I’m looking forward to getting to know and work with everyone.

  2. David Tenser wrote on

    Likewise, we’re all very excited to have you on the team! Can’t wait to see what crazy improvements to our support content you come up with. :)

  3. Kadir Topal wrote on

    Hey Michael, completely thrilled to have a former nuclear submarine mechanical operator as my colleague, but who know, that video experience might come in handy as well ;)

    Welcome to the team once again! Can’t wait to rock the support world with you :)

  4. chuck wrote on