Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-04-12


  • Weekly metrics
    • Traffic is down – normal post-Easter occurrence
  • Overall Support Coverage
    • Approx. 0.5% drop in coverage because we are now using the Windows start page for the “For IE Users” help-topic. The L10n Dashboard hasn’t been updated in 2 weeks. Cww and cilias to discuss why it hasn’t updated.
    • pt-BR Windows start page was created yesterday! Kadir to reach out to Fernando.

Knowledge Base

  • New article: Plugin crash reports
    • KB update plan for OOPP is drafted
      • This is for Firefox 3.6.4 which is scheduled for early May. cilias to coordinate with Kadir, so we have time for localizers to pick up the changes as well.
  • https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/Kitsune/KB will be our main page for the Kitsune KB PRD work. (Will be updated soon)
  • We should define details for the first Q2 metrics tests this week.
    • michaelverdi to update the page today.
  • So far the KB helpfulness has increased an average of 0.006 since SUMO 1.5.3 (daily avg since push minus daily avg for 7 days prior)
    • Doesn’t look statistically significant. Metrics can help us eliminate statistical noise.


  • No update this week. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s SumoDev meeting for an update on Kitsune forum update.

Live Chat

  • “License file for this version could not be found” error on startup peaked after the 3.6.3 update, but we don’t (yet) have a KB article for this.
    • zzxc to see if those users are have Norton
    • zzxc to write the KB article
  • Broken website issues still account for the majority of unsolved chats.
    • Facebook games/chat problems most common last week, due to outdated plugins.
  • We should create a way for contributors to stay up to date with recent common issues.
    • Weekly common issues report is not frequent enough.
    • Look at something like a RRRT page for SUMO

Social Media

  • No update. “Social Media” should not be its own section for weekly meetings.


  • Nothing