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Beyond SUMO: Reaching out to Twitter users

Support on Twitter is fun. At least that’s the conclusion of the Twitter experiment we held earlier this month with a few of our most active SUMO community members. In fact, we’ve been been so overwhelmed with positive feedback that we knew we had to work quickly to make it possible for more of you to participate. If you want to help Firefox users, but only have a little time, Twitter is ideal for you.

Why is supporting Firefox users on Twitter important? A lot of Firefox users aren’t aware that we already have a great support site where they can get help with their problems, so they sometimes end up tweeting their frustration instead. This is an opportunity for us to reach out to these users on Twitter and either help them directly or point them to SUMO where they can troubleshoot their problem.

Starting today, you can help Firefox users on Twitter two different ways:

  • The first is to answer questions with your personal account using the hashtag #fxhelp. This is probably easiest if you just want to help on Twitter every now and then.
  • If you are ready to move up to the big leagues and plan on spending some significant time on Twitter support, you should ask to be added to our CoTweet account. CoTweet is a web app designed for collaborative team use.

Getting started with helping Firefox users on Twitter is easy. If you have a Twitter account, you’ve already made the first step. Read our Helping Firefox users on Twitter page for the details.

Just a friendly warning before you start: Helping Firefox users on Twitter tends to make them very happy. Be prepared to receive lots of thankful responses from people you’ve never even met before. Hopefully you can get used it. With that out of the way, thanks in advance for making a huge difference to your fellow Firefox users!  :)

2 comments on “Beyond SUMO: Reaching out to Twitter users”

  1. David Tenser wrote on

    Really exciting to see this launching. Great job driving this from start to finish, Kadir!

  2. Kadir Topal wrote on

    Thanks for the great help, David!