Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-05-03


  • Weekly metrics
  • Weave Support
    • Weave support will be moving to support.mozilla.com.
    • Do we use a “weave” tag in the forum, or create a sub-forum?
      • Tags are easier to implement and more flexible. Sub-forums are better for building communities. If we can use tags and present it like a sub-forum (e.g. Gmail or even Flickr tag URLs), that would work best. In other words, virtual sub-forums. The same will apply to when mobile support is moved to support.mozilla.com.
      • Next: We should think about how it will be presented to users.

Knowledge Base

  • Reformatted article – How to set the home page
  • SUMO Audit report
  • KB PRD progress
  • Working on documentation for Verbatim in anticipation of Kitsune 2.0 release
    • Targeted for Wednesday, but the sooner the better, so localizers can work started before Thursday’s push.
    • Right now, this is only needed for search-related strings (i.e. the search results page)


  • no update

Live Chat


  • Handling localization
    • Create a communication channel for sumo localizers
      • We recently created an alias address for messages to locale leaders, but it doesn’t include localizers who are not locale leaders. Adding/Editing the recipient list is done via IT, so if we want people to opt in easily, we should move that to a mailman list.
      • Another option is the mozilla.dev.l10n.web newsgroup/mailing list/Google Group. The drawback to that is that it includes discussion about other Mozilla websites. It is not sumo-only.
      • Next: Kadir to ask localizers what they prefer.
    • How to prevent localizers from translating Kitsune forum strings
      • Forum strings are going to appear in Verbatim. Right now, the forum is English-only, and localizing it will give non-English users the false impression that it isn’t English-only.
      • We could make those templates not localizable, but in the future, we should be able to provide a support forum in another language if a locale community requests it.
      • Next: This needs more time to discuss than we have in the meeting. Let’s investigate a good solution, and the time/effort required for each possibility.
  • Start page categories
    • We need a mockup with text before giving feedback on how many categories we should have and what they should be.