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Help one user per day in the Firefox support forum!

If everyone reading Planet Mozilla helped just one person in the Firefox support forum per day, there wouldn’t be a single user with their question left unanswered. And answering one question generally takes less than two minutes!

It’s actually very simple to help people, too. But just to be on the safe side, we’ve prepared some instructions for how to get you started.

How to make one Firefox user happy per day:

  1. Set aside two minutes of your time. Some tips for how to do that:
    • Stay away from pointless activities like Farmville or Mafia Wars (and avoid Facebook in general).
    • Skip reading that “fun” e-mail one of your colleagues just sent.
    • Don’t click this link. It’s not worth it, and no, you can’t even interact with the cat.
  2. If you haven’t already, get a SUMO account by filling out the form on the registration page.
  3. Scan the list of unanswered forum threads (btw, that’s a great page to bookmark) for a question you think you know the answer to. Click it and respond. That’s it!

Don’t even have two minutes to spare? Try looking for a question that has an obvious answer, like AOL hijacked my start page, posted earlier today (the solution is already documented).

Need help answering a question? No problem. We have a page of tips and resources that may be useful, or you can ask in the Contributors forum. Feel like taking a break? That’s cool, too. Go introduce yourself in the Off-Topic forum and hang out with your fellow Firefox contributors.

By the way, we’re currently working on a brand new forum system that will be faster, sexier and easier to use. Stay tuned for more details…

3 comments on “Help one user per day in the Firefox support forum!”

  1. Tiago Sá wrote on

    I’ve been helping a few lately. Helping is very easy, what with the email subscription of specific topics and all. I do it whenever I have time, or at least I plan to.

  2. David Tenser wrote on

    Tiago Sá, that’s great to hear! It makes a huge difference.

    Btw, if you have any feedback or tips on how to optimize the forum helping process, see our thread about it in the contributor’s forum:

  3. DEinspanjer wrote on

    That AOL user was never responded to. It doesn’t look like it was a straight forward case of home page replacement though since they say they checked that.. :/
    I guess I’m just terribly unlucky, I’ve never found a question that I could answer in just two minutes. :)