Upgrading SUMO with some help from Murphy

Last Friday we experienced problems upgrading a part of SUMO and were offline for some hours. For recovery we unfortunately had to revert back to a backup and thus lost 23 hours of activity. We are all very sorry about that and very soon we will post more about what happened and how we will try to prevent similar things from happening in the future. Thanks for staying with us!

4 responses

  1. Merike wrote on :

    Bad timing :(. I saw a new person starting translation (18:00 PST Thursday) and even if they just created an article with no translation yet, it’s all gone now. I hope she comes back as I’ve got no contact details.

  2. Kadir Topal wrote on :

    Hey Merike, yes that’s bad timing indeed, wish it had never happened though :(

  3. Lendo wrote on :

    What a luck (for me) that I wasn’t online since last Wednesday. This drama is one of my most (no: THE most) feared scenarios when I’m working on SUMO.

  4. Kadir Topal wrote on :

    You’re right, it should’ve never happened. but to be fair, it’s the first time this happened, and our devs took the necessary steps to make sure it won’t happen again.