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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-05-24


  • Kadir and Chris are enjoying a public holiday today
  • Balkans Meetup update:
    • Three presentations:
      • How to get started with SUMO
      • About the future of Support
      • Why support is important and it’s position at Mozilla
    • All Balkan communities got a chance to put a face to our names and we to theirs. We had lively discussions about improvements to the KB with some great ideas. Everyone should have a good idea about why support is important and how to get started.
    • Martin wants to localize or select a community member for localization of SUMO within the Bulgarian community.
    • Edo wants to localize all SUMO articles into Croatian by the end of the year.
    • Aleksander wants to localize the top articles into Bosnian as soon as he has free time from school.
    • Pierros became the lead localizer for Greek and wants to localize the top articles.
    • Gorjan became the lead localizer for Mazedonian and started localizing already.
    • None of our new localizers had been product localizers before.
  • Weekly metrics
    • Missing critical metrics due to end of support of Omniture before we were done migrating to Web Trends. Working with metrics team to sort this out.

Sumo development update

  • Met with Chris Howse
  • Began creating Workflows
  • The new guys are getting up to speed
  • Outage last Friday due to Google Pac Man. James has a nice writeup of what happened.
    • Thanks to Dave Miller, Jeremy Orem and Paul C for their help getting this fixed!

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