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What’s up with SUMO – Nov. 2

This is my first attempt at a weekly update video. Please let me know what you think. The meeting minutes, pasted below, are from the wiki.

Note: Both Kadir and Cheng were off from work and not present at the meeting. Tobbi called in.

Sumo Development


  • Michael suggested doing a weekly meeting recap video that will get posted on the SUMO blog along with the meeting notes. He will try it on Tuesday.
  • We talked about the painful Flash update process. Kev Needham from Mozilla is meeting with Adobe this week about the issue.


Knowledge Base

  • Michael is postponing working on updating current articles for Fx 4 since the Fx 4 launch date has been moved back to Jan and many of the things we’d need to document are not final at this time. The good news about that is that the new knowledge base will be up and running by then and it should be a lot faster and easier to use.
  • In the meantime, Michael will be drafting new articles about new Fx 4 features. Those won’t be able to be finalized yet either but most of the work can get done ahead of time. He’ll post threads in the Articles forum for each one as he draft them so everyone can check them out and offer suggestions/make changes before we finalize them.


  • No update today

Live Chat

  • After the 3.6.11 and 3.6.12 releases last week, there were lots of McAfee issues. The fix is to update McAfee to the latest update and reboot Windows. Also, apparently McAfee updated their products so that they all look like McAfee Total Protection and we need to make sure that our documentation is up to date. McAfee Anti-Virus is good but McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Security Scan Plus haven’t been checked.

One comment on “What’s up with SUMO – Nov. 2”

  1. Majken “Lucy” Connor wrote on

    Thanks for doing this!

    I know the minutes don’t necessarily get comments, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t using them to keep up to date, albeit passively. Your video demonstrated just how hard it’s been to get to the minutes since they stopped being posted somewhere with an RSS feed.

    The video idea is neat. At first I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but the parts where you showed the changes to the kb were really great. I think letting people see things will help motivate them to get involved. For instance I would like to suggest a cohesion between the candystriper and the logo. Perhaps she can have the SUMO logo on her hat – this should solve the old problems we had with the nurse in that not all cultures use a cross for nurses.

    I would highly suggest scripting future videos, though I know this was a trial so I figure if this becomes a regular thing it’ll be a bit more polished.

    Count me a fan!