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QA day for the new SUMO KB software

For the last six months various groups here at SUMO have been hard at work to design and develop a replacement for our current Knowledge Base software. We call it the Kitsune KB and have blogged about it  already. You can read about the current state here and in a separate blog post coming up shortly.

Very soon, we will finally release Kitsune KB — November 30th is the target release date — but before we can do that we need to make sure that no major bugs remain and that most of the small ones are taken care of. Since a KB is a huge system we need your help. If you are interested, join us in #sumo on November 12th between 8am and 5pm PST, to thoroughly check our new KB while we are on hand to answer all your questions on IRC.

We will have more information up shortly, but don’t forget to mark that day in your calendar. The Kitsune KB will truly be worth the wait!