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What’s up with SUMO – Jan. 10

The big things this week:

Here are the notes from the wiki:

Sumo Development

  • Verifying 2.4.1 today.
    • 2.4.1 was called off last week, we will try again tomorrow
  • Freezing 2.4.2 Thursday.


We have a “meet the team” page. Please have a look at your own description and update it: meet the team


  • Cheng: Will ask Pedro if the dashboard can be made public
  • Cheng: To make it excplicit who is owning what on the manual page
  • Cheng: To get search terms broken down by locale
  • Cheng: To change % of helpful votes to a line chart

Knowledge Base

  • Fx 4 Updates all day, every day
    • Looking for the placement of templates in other articles.
  • Michael: Will talk to the mobile team, to get a multilingual desktop build
  • KB goals for Q1


IRC meeting coming up this week: forum thread

2 comments on “What’s up with SUMO – Jan. 10”

  1. smo wrote on

    there’s 15 screencasts planned until end of feb. I assume of course we will have some technology available to localize it. And the material as video plus voice off-screen.If the material can the be localized automatically, it would be great help: subtitles and english FF are no good.

    This whole subject should be discussed and explained in public – at the next sumo meeting for instance.

  2. Michael Verdi wrote on

    Hey Vito,
    We have a roundtable item in the weekly meeting agenda where we can certainly discuss this. Videos will always be a problem for localization and each locale will have to determine if it’s worth the work they require. The bottom line is that the article should work without the video and if an English video in a non-English article does more harm than good it can just be removed.