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What’s up with SUMO – Apr. 19

The big things this week

Minutes of the latest weekly meeting

Sumo Development

Work continues on Users & Groups and Private Messaging:

  • 2.8 freezing Thursday and going out next Tuesday (26th)
  • 2.8.1 1-2 weeks after that.


There was discussion about how to include insights about Knowledge Base metrics into things like the Support Report. In particular we talked about the amount of traffic that Plugin Crash Reports gets and the amount of new not helpful votes Firefox does not ask to save tabs and windows on exit has been getting lately. In the case of Plugin crash reports, it’s suspected that the wording of the error message on crashed videos might contribute to lots of clicks though to SUMO and in the case of Firefox does not ask to save tabs and windows on exit it’s seems to be related to changes in Firefox 4. For now it was decided that Michael would bring up both issues with the UX team.


Knowledge Base

  • Plan of action for updating articles – work in progress
  • Conversations and decisions will be needed about things like {for}, localization and support for old Fx versions. We’ll post info and discussions in the Contributors Forum.

2 comments on “What’s up with SUMO – Apr. 19”

  1. Michaell wrote on

    I’m a bit surprised that nobody already picked up that “does not ask to save” article – the behaviour was intentionally changed in Firefox 4 and the article is pretty much completely wrong. It is not “a problem” – it is now by design.

    “If your Firefox settings are configured differently, the prompt will not occur” doesn’t make much sense as an answer to start with. But actually the “configured differently” settings are now default.

    There was quite a bit of argument about the change. The idea is that people don’t need to choose to save on exit, because it happens automatically. If you want your previous session back, you can choose “restore previous session” from the history menu (or from about:home, if you have the default home page).

    It was even suggested that people confused by the change would be helped by SUMO… so much for that.

    explains, including the pref that needs to be flipped to revert to the old behaviour (but I think SUMO’s policy says that flipping hidden prefs shouldn’t be suggested, so that’s out…)

  2. smo wrote on

    Hi Michael: the new channels structure should not force you and SuMo start tacting at 6 weeks frequency. The mission for SuMo is given by its metrics of “not useful” and “unanswered” questions for now. Here I do not see much help coming from the new channels; nor any big new SuMo challenges either, at first glance at least.