Join the Firefox 4 for Mobile Localization Sprint today

Hey everyone,

This is a quick reminder about our Firefox for mobile KB localization sprint today , Wednesday, March 30th, from 3pm to 9pm UTC. Yesterday the latest version of Firefox for mobile was released and we have finished work on all mobile articles in the KB. They are ready for localization now.

For a first round of localizations we have selected these top 5 articles:

Of course there are more. If you are done already, and you can find more information and links to a Firefox mobile for your desktop on this page:

There is one issue with mobile: Screeenshots. Unfortunately you do need an Android phone to take localized screenshots of Firefox. So please, if you have an Android device, put your name on the wiki page and join us on IRC #sumo, to help others taking screenshots in their language. The more people with Android phones are around the better for everyone.

All info about the Firefox Mobile KB sprint:

Date: Wednesday, March 30th
Time: 3pm to 9pm UTC
Place: IRC #sumo

Thanks, and hope to see you later today!

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