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SUMO Day, Wednesday, December 21st

This Wednesday is SUMO Day! A special day when we all take some extra time to help answer support questions in the Firefox help forum.

It is the last SUMO Day of the 2011 calendar year, let’s make it great! I will help moderate the support forum from 9am to 5pm PDT to encourage new forum helpers with answering support questions. I’ll be available on the #sumo IRC channel, michelleluna, or by private message to myself using the SUMO web site.

Just create an account and then take some time on Wednesday to help with unanswered questions. Additional tips for getting started are on the etherpad. Our goal is to answer 200 additional questions throughout the day as this is the average number of questions each day that go unanswered. Firefox users need your help!

It is a very rewarding contribution that will instantly put you in touch with Firefox users and those who upgraded to Firefox 9 this week! And you’ll feel good afterward. Put it on your calendar and contribute your expertise.