What’s Up With SUMO – Mar. 26

Big things this week

  • Next SUMO meeting – Monday, Apr. 2nd (call in details & meeting notes) at 9am PST. Please add your comments, questions and updates to the wiki. You can also participate in #sumo during the meeting. We’re going to record and post a video of the meeting.
  • Current SUMO development sprint – 2012.6
  • Video of the SUMO meeting Sorry – no video this week.
  • Susan and Bram presented the new IA on Friday. We’ll make a blog post with links to the documents and video of the presentation.
  • The Firefox Clinic was AWESOME! Many thanks to Dylan Verdi, Zhenshuo Fang, Tim Watts, James Ouyang, Crystal Beasley, Matthew Claypotch, Amy Tsay, Cori Schauer and Dan Callahan.
  • The SUMO Team is in San Francisco this week. We’re out of our usual timezones (mostly) and in meetings all the time so things may take a little longer to get to things than usual.
  • Notes from this SUMO meeting.