SUMO Write Help Articles Day, Thursday November 15th!

Thursday is SUMO Write Help Articles DAY! Woohoo!

Anyone and everyone can help! Here are the goals:

  1. Create new articles for Firefox for Android! Anything you want to write about is welcomed! We especially need articles about the Tablet UI if you have a tablet! Newbies encouraged, see the knowledge base getting started documentation! Just go to the New article page of the wiki and start hacking, I’m michelleluna in #SUMO on IRC if you need help or send me a private message (username mluna) if you get stuck.
  2. Update articles for Firefox for Android! The following articles need changes:
  3. Create new articles for Firefox OS! We have a list of three email articles that need to be created here with detailed instructions for how to get started (thanks Roland!). See Roland’s post for instructions on getting started even if you don’t have the Firefox OS! The forum thread also has a bunch of links to other ‘stub articles’ that we need to fill in, so hack away! If you think of it, use the ‘Administrative’ category for the article, so it won’t show up in the L10n dashboard, but no worries, I’ll check this during the article review also.
  4. Make needed updates to Firefox Desktop and SUMO contributor articles! The updates we need to make are in the Needs Changes list, you can literally help 100,000 Firefox users next week if you update two of these top articles!!

Reviewers goal:

  • Review all of the edits in the Unreviewed Changes list.

    Thanks for all you do to make the Mozilla Help Articles great!

    See you tomorrow!