What’s Up With SUMO – Apr. 9

Planet Mozilla viewers – you can watch this video on YouTube.

Big things this week

4 thoughts on “What’s Up With SUMO – Apr. 9

  1. DB

    The video doesn’t work in Firefox 11 (Windows 7). It says, “No video with supported format and MIME type found”.

  2. Verdi Post author

    It seems there is an intermittent problem with blip.tv. Try reloading (or shift+reload) in a few minutes.

  3. Verdi Post author

    Ok I give up. Blip hasn’t fixed it, I got the webm version hosted elsewhere. It should work now.

  4. Verdi Post author

    Seems blip.tv doesn’t allow anything but their video player so I’m moving these to YouTube. Join the HTML5 beta to see these without using Flash (it may take a little while for the webm version to be available).

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