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New Collection Features Have Arrived!

It’s been just over a year since we introduced Add-on Collections, a way for anyone to create and share groups of add-ons for Firefox. Today we’re very excited to launch a major update to our add-ons gallery that makes it even easier to spot, save, and share your favorite add-ons.

A video tour of the new features

Mark your favorites and get back to them quickly

Most people use collections to keep track of their favorite add-ons, so we’ve made it one click to favorite an add-on from almost anywhere on the site. You’ll automatically have a private My Favorite Add-ons collection where all of your favorites will be stored.

Screenshot of icons on add-on listings

Instantly add to your existing collections or create new ones

Placing an add-on in any other collection is as easy as favoriting: just click the Add to Collection icon and select its destination. If you want to start a new collection for it, you can do that from anywhere now too!

Screenshot of adding to a collection

Easily follow, share, and manage collections

Similarly to add-on listings, it’s now possible to follow, share, and edit collections from anywhere you see them listed in the Collections Directory. We’ve also made the directory navigation easier to understand.

Screenshot of collection

Better collection permissions and URLs

With more than 64,000 collections created in the last 14 months, it can be difficult to find a unique URL for a new collection that isn’t already in use. We’ve changed the URL structure so that all of your collections are under your username and can be called anything you want. Existing owners of collections may want to read our Migration FAQ.

We hope you enjoy these new features and are working hard on many other improvements over the coming months. If you haven’t explored collections yet, now’s a great time.

Visit the Collections Directory

21 comments on “New Collection Features Have Arrived!”

  1. Barista Uno wrote on

    Great news! Thanks to the Firefox developers.

  2. Timmy wrote on

    Thats great! Very helpful 😀

  3. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Awesome stuff.

    Thanks a lot for the hard work guys.

  4. Lustato Tenterrara wrote on

    I Loved I Love and I will Love Firefox
    I will Like sugesty my collection of add-ons

    That’s better collection of Firefox Add-Ons

    Thanks Mozilla for your existence.
    and (started)

    I’m Convict Firefoxian
    Lustato Tenterrara

    (PS.: That’s correct)

  5. Deepesh wrote on

    Thanks, Firefox Addon’s are it’s main power and Mozilla is doing fine make it more feature-rich.

    Power User Addon Collection,

  6. Mayank wrote on

    Great to see the new features!

    Also waiting for a feature in Firefox to allow a quick setup by way of enabling installation of collections :). Would be awesome to see something like that!

  7. YoYurec wrote on

    Cool news! I love firefox!


  8. Timothy Metcalfe wrote on

    Awesome features! I’ve been hoping for some sort of site integration for a while and this is just what I was thinking of. Great job, Mozilla!

  9. Paul Kopco wrote on

    Have you ever heard of a pop filter? I would recommend investing in one for the audio track of your videos.

  10. berny wrote on

    Nice work guys! – The new link structure is way more intuitive.

    And for all Firefox disciples out there: don’t forget to promote Firefox by creating a spreadfirefox-account 🙂

  11. Ilija Gospodinov wrote on

    Super! The end of manual management of collections 🙂 Thanks for the hard work.

  12. Mansa wrote on

    I would also like a feature where the add-ons in the subscribed collection automatically get installed in firefox. This is especially useful when you use multiple pcs across home, office, etc. or when you have to reinstall firefox or your os.

  13. Pandora wrote on

    not very nice …, Interface social network – evil!
    (c) Russia

  14. Ryszard Kosowicz wrote on

    Good job, Team!

  15. Denker wrote on

    Excellent news. I am grateful aa all of the foundation. Keep up the wonderful work. Hugs

  16. P.F. Bruns wrote on

    Great stuff, guys! Thanks for keeping up the improvements.

  17. amassine wrote on

    Thank alote for all firefox team for those magical new futures for addons
    we will now have the best addons web site for ever
    Thank you

  18. vs wrote on

    Appreciate the improvements, but could you please let Addon Collector install ENTIRE collections, instead of having to manually click to install each extension? That would make setting up a new firefox installation much faster.
    Until then, I’ll continue using the excellent Mozbackup , which backs up the entire installation, history, settings, addon preferences et. al.

  19. mahpooya wrote on

    the collections is not usable now because i cant customize each add-on preferences!

  20. R Huckabee wrote on

    Turn up the audio level on these videos. I have the volume controls set to max on all three of my computers trying to hear this crappy sound, so high that system sounds blow out my eardrums.

  21. Foolness wrote on

    I think you should use this feature to clean out “clutter” add-ons.

    Besides not having a single .xpi or trying to integrate more of FEBE’s functions in a user friendly web service interface, I think the most problematic hurdle to collections is the problem of having repeat add-ons when searching different collections.

    You could use the favorite option to take a cue from Gmail’s recently release Priority Inbox and allow for add-ons inside favorited collections to not show up when searching for add-ons in other non-favorited collections.

    This would eliminate most of the collections containing Ad-Block, NoScript, DownthemAll in the beginning of the collection and hopefully reveal to collection searchers the type of rare add-ons hidden beneath each collection.