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Poll: How would you use Firefox Add-on Sync?

We’d really appreciate your feedback on a possible future feature of Firefox:

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13 comments on “Poll: How would you use Firefox Add-on Sync?”

  1. Wes Kocher wrote on

    “automatic” would be nice, but there are some things I don’t need on other computers, especially if they’re on differing platforms.

  2. hmmwhatsthisdo wrote on

    A replacement for Siphon FX? Thank goodness…

  3. Joe wrote on

    One important feature I would like to see is to warn user in the case where one bookmark is modified by more than one machine (two version available in two local machine and both versions are different from server edition, so there is no way to choose between them); something like what XMarks has. It show you the bookmark name and description, so you can decide to overwrite server version or local version.

  4. sonny wrote on

    A blacklist/whitelist feature would be a plus.

  5. Clouserw wrote on

    Now that mobile is in the mix I’d like to choose what is synced.

  6. Marjolein Katsma wrote on

    A mix would be best for me: I tend to use my different devices for different purposes and my Add-ons reflect that. There’s always an overlap though of a few add-ons I always install. Therefore I’d like to see a way to categorize the addons into something like ‘global’ (shared, synced) and ‘local’ (this instance only).

  7. Karsten wrote on

    There is no use of having my full featured Addons on a mobile. That runs out of sense

  8. sonickydon wrote on

    Why not including a third option in the survey?
    “I would like an option in Sync that would allow me to choose between the first two options”

  9. stef wrote on

    Q: How would you use Firefox Add-on Sync?
    A: As addon (install it if you need it)

  10. sabret00the wrote on

    I’d like neither. What’s right for one installation of computer isn’t right for another. That said, I would like to be able to access settings should something be right for two separate installations. i.e. ABP subscriptions, NoScript whitelists, etc, etc.

  11. Archaeopteryx wrote on

    You can already use the add-on collector for this. But what about the add-on preferences? These would allow e.g. sharing Noscript rules in different profiles.

  12. Alex Faaborg wrote on

    User’s will likely expect automatic (everything else about the sync experience is automatic), but after being automatic it shouldn’t then override a manual disable or remove action by the user.

  13. Bill McGonigle wrote on

    Agreeing with most of the comments so far. Specifically:

    1) automatically install new add-ons, but respect per-machine disables.
    2) automatically uninstall add-ons from other machines but do not automatically disable (the ‘disable’ semantic becomes “I’m not using this on this machine but still want it in my sync set”).
    3) automatically sync add-on preferences, but allow a per-machine exception to use a non-synced data-store (e.g. a checkbox in the add-ons manager that says ‘Do not automatically sync this add-on’s preferences’).