Jetpack Project: weekly update for Oct. 4 2011

Project News

  • London Add-on Workshop SDK slides are posted.
  • We’re running an end-of year add-on competition focusing on restartless addons.

Meeting Brief

  • Builder / re-pack scripts need more testing.
  • SDK 1.2 RC1 to be released later today.
  • L10n and Mobile support under active development, no hard time-lines for landing on trunk.
  • Planning an all-day SDK hack day in Mountain View on November 19th, looking for participants.

Full minutes are available here:

Aside: further updates about the Add-on SDK and Builder products will be posted under the label ‘Jetpack Project’, if only because this new labelling scheme legitimizes our conitnued use of Rocketry-themed puns.

One comment on “Jetpack Project: weekly update for Oct. 4 2011”

  1. John Nagle wrote on

    A useful item to add to the weekly report would be the number of Jetpack add-ons on AMO.
    As of today, searching add-ons for “Jetpack” (which tag is added automatically by the AMO uploader) finds 4 Jetpack add-ons which have passed full review, and 4 more which have passed preliminary review.