The Add-on Review Queues are empty!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the AMO Editors group, we have reached an important milestone that hasn’t been reached in years (or ever, probably). All add-on review queues are currently empty.

Add-on review queues - all empty!This means that if you submit your add-on now or in the following days, chances are it will be reviewed within a few minutes. This is amazing feat, specially considering that add-on submissions are constantly increasing, and we add new policies all the time that make add-on reviews higher quality, but also longer to perform.

We’d like to thank and congratulate the AMO Editors team for their exceptional work along the years. You guys are amazing! We’ll call out our most active contributors soon, when we wrap up the very successful New Year’s Challenge.

PS: If you’re an add-on developer and your add-on hasn’t been reviewed, please get in touch with us by commenting here. It’s possible that your add-on is in an Incomplete state and you forgot to add it to one of the queues, or it could be a bug on our site.

22 responses

  1. Cameron R wrote on :

    Wow, that’s epic! Well done all.

  2. Paydirt wrote on :

    Excellent! Thanks to all the AMO Editors, we appreciate all your hard work 🙂

    We’ll be submitting a new version soon!

  3. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

    It’s amazing! When I joined last summer, the review queues were huge! Congrats to all the editors for pitching in.

    1. Nils Maier wrote on :

      Well, it was worse than that at times. I remember a time where e.g. the full review queue alone was more than 600 reviews pending:

  4. Alfred Kayser wrote on :

    Keep up the good work, and I will keep on posting updates and probably new themes as well.

  5. Nicolas Cynober wrote on :

    Gz all !

  6. zool wrote on :

    Fantastic !

    Great team doing good job 🙂

  7. Gervase Markham wrote on :

    This is awesome. A hearty Well Done to every AMO editor.


  8. Jivko wrote on :

    Good job good job.

  9. Michael Kaply wrote on :

    Congratulations. That’s awesome work!

  10. Ken Saunders wrote on :

    “chances are it will be reviewed within a few minutes”

    Indeed it was. I was very surprised. I hadn’t even finished updating the listing when I got an email stating that the version that I had just uploaded had been reviewed and approved.

    You all rock.
    Thanks for your hard work and service.

  11. Jason Tackaberry wrote on :

    I’ve also been extremely impressed at the response time of my last two version submissions. In both cases the turn-around time was less than a day, which is a huge improvement over past submissions where I’ve seen approval delays in the order of 2 weeks.

    Great work AMO editors!

  12. Daniel Dawson wrote on :

    WOW! That is a complete surprise. I never imagined something like this would happen. This is great.

    Now, if things can stay this way, that would be even better. But even if not, this might have a lasting effect on waiting times, and I think we can all be happy about that.

  13. Miko wrote on :

    WOW! This is fantastic news!

  14. Kevin Decker wrote on :

    Firediff 1.1.5 has been in preliminary review state since late December and I have not found any way push past this on my end. Is this a bug in the review queue or PEBKAC?

    Thanks! – Kevin

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Firediff only got preliminary review after an editor had a look and found an issue. You should have received an email with an explanation about this. If you still have it, please review it an reply if you have any comments. If you don’t, just sent us a message to amo-editors AT mozilla DOT org.

  15. ithinc wrote on :


  16. John Nagle wrote on :


  17. dis wrote on :

    I remember having to wait 6+ months to get my extension reviewed/approved.


  18. Ken Saunders wrote on :

  19. Johan wrote on :

    Nice Job!

    I’m not waiting for a review but I did nominee cssUpdater as a featured addon more than 3 months ago. In some description it said I should not expect an answer in at least a month 🙂

    But some feedback or clarification of how you can tip you guys about an addon would be extremely helpful. But maybe this isn’t the right forum for some info about this?

    Thank you for any info!

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      The amo-featured mailing list is still active, so if you have any doubts just send them another message and wait for a response. They should at least tell you that they’ll consider it.