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Winners of the Favorite Add-ons Contest

The judging phase is complete, the community has voted, and three winners have been selected in the Favorite Add-ons Contest! Congratulations to Caroline P., Jason K., and Josh R., who each received an Android tablet.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated—it’s your passion and support that carried us over the 3 billion download mark!

And the winning entries…

Firebug Taught Me (almost) Everything I Know

“I’m a goofball at heart, a nurse by profession, a seamstress by trade, and a programmer by necessity. I run my little cycling cap business online, and I’m constantly editing my website. I’m always trying to make my it look and perform better, and Firebug comes in handy. I think finding Firebug was a huge boon to my learning about CSS and website optimization. It practically holds my hand while I hunt down code issues and whittle pages into shape. It’s like an X-RAY machine and “Operation” game for websites built into one! I’ve never taken any classes or read any books on web programming, so I credit Firebug with teaching me (almost) everything I know about it. I use it to go through HTML and inline edit CSS, I use YSlow to get faster, and I check for errors (Firebug has saved me from ruin on several occasions). It does take time to get used to, but as with anything, with a couple weeks’ use it becomes natural. I have other extensions loaded in my browser, but none are as helpful AND as edifying as Firebug. Thank you very much to the people who created and maintain it!”
Caroline P.


“If you want to take a bath, you NEED water. If you want to download 11,000 of something, you NEED this add on. This is the add on that takes the work out of what used to be work: “right-click”, “download”, “save as”….a thousand or more times. This add on literally does what it says…it “downloads them all”!. This add on has saved me so many hours, it’s immeasurable. Trying to use the Internet without this add on is like trying to eat without a mouth. Sure, I can get the food in my body, but it HURTS that way!” – Jason K.

A Great Way To Let Someone Else Take Care Of Things

“Last Pass has not only precluded my need to remember passwords at home but it installs seamlessly across all four different OS’s I am forced to use daily. It makes me feel like a child again by absolving me of my need to remember anything and taking care of all the details so that it is always on my good side. Last Pass is the indulgent step parent for whom you always envied that one kid in school. It also lowered my cholesterol.” – Josh R.

2 comments on “Winners of the Favorite Add-ons Contest”

  1. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Excellent choices. There were many great reviews so I’m sure that it wasn’t an easy decision.
    Congrats to the winners and thanks to all that participated.

    I encourage all users of add-ons to continue to take the time to add reviews for the add-ons that they’ve tried and/or use. As an add-on developer and user, reviews can be very helpful, inspiring, and time saving.

  2. Ryan Bradley wrote on

    Before I even clicked on this link I knew Firebug would be a winner, I love that plugin. I’ll have to try last pass.