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Voting has begun in the Favorite Add-ons contest. Your votes will decide the three winners of the Android tablets! When voting, keep in mind the following three criteria:

  • Is the story compelling?
  • How creative is the use of the favorite add-on?
  • Does the review capture the “spirit” of the AMO community?

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9 responses

  1. Michael (5rockhopper4) wrote on :

    Hi, Mozilla!!!

  2. Maurice Whitaker wrote on :

    How can I turn off the bar below the Bookmarks toolbar (it contains a description of the current page)? I don’t need it very often and it can’t be removed or restored with only a left and right click like the other toolbars. In general, I am not very enthusiastic about add-0ns because they seem to have a tendency to take up space on the screen.

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Maurice, I’m not sure which toolbar you are referring to, but this article may help:

  3. jen wrote on :

    I can’t live without the Web Developer Toolbar – I work in HTML/CSS all day long, and each feature of the Web Developer Toolbar is exactly what I need. Right now, they have a great update just waiting for Mozilla to release…. It fixes a bug that we developers all need. Can you please approve and release it?

  4. J. B. Dark wrote on :

    No começo eu tambem tive alguns problemas com certos

    complementos, na primeira ves sai adicionando a maioria

    dos complementos, deu o maior problema, agora depois de

    anos hoje apos formatar o PC estou instalando de novo,

    mas escolhendo os mais nesseçarios e melhores, e que ja

    Firefox é unico! Mozilla é show!
    ADD-ONS é


    Tradução (translation)

    At first I also had some problems with certain additions,

    the first ves out adding most supplements, gave the biggest

    problem now after years today after formatting the PC I’m

    installing again, but choosing the most nesseçarios and

    better, and that already tested. Firefox is unique! Mozilla

    is awesome! ADD-ONS is essensial!!!

  5. adentice wrote on :

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. my favorite three add on’s are Flag fox Fox tab and WOT
    (web of trust)
    They are all really useful for online security and ease of access to favorite sites, I recommend them
    to everybody, they give you extra peace of mind whilst traveling through cyberspace.
    Thank you and good luck to all.

  6. Jamie Mason wrote on :

    Are the winners posted anywhere? I had to offline right at the time the voting happened, but I’d love to see the entries that made1

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Jamie, the winners will be posted tomorrow, so please check back with us!

      1. Jamie Mason wrote on :

        Ha! There’s my timing. (and my heinous typos.) Thanks.