Announcing Add-on SDK 1.10!

The Jetpack team is happy to announce the immediate availability of SDK 1.10. You can download the SDK directly in either zip or tarball format. This latest release improves the SDK’s compatibility with Firefox Aurora and Nightly, fixes a ton of bugs, and also includes a few new bits you should check out:

  • bug 764866: Avoid leaking all modules when one is leaking. This is a major step in the right direction for avoiding leaks when using SDK modules.
  • bug 775067: Start using Cu.nukeSandbox. ‘Cu.nukeSandbox’ is a feature we added to Firefox to allow us the ability to not just ‘clean up’ JS sandboxes, but nuke them from low orbit once we are done with them.
  • bug 775606: add a ‘tab.contentType’ property to the tab object. This is a new property added to the tab object provided by the tabs api that we think will give add-on authors some interesting new insights to content being loaded in Firefox.

For more new features and a list of the bug fixes that are shipping in this release, please see the Release Notes.

The complete documentation for the SDK is located here:

If you happen to be off-line or on an airplane you can always generate a full copy of the docs locally by running cfx docs on the command-line.

If you are interested in perusing working code examples to use with the SDK, Will Bamberg has published a large number of them on the Add-on Builder under the ‘Jetpack Examples’ user account:

Some interesting stats about this release ( from the github history between the 1.9 & 1.10 tags ):

  • 110 changes in 40 pull requests between tags 1.9 and 1.10
  • Community contributors:
    • David Creswick
    • Mark A. Hershberger
    • Robert Pankowecki

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this release. You can contact us in a variety of ways:

post to our discussion group
chat with us on #jetpack
report a bug
check out the source and contribute bug fixes, enhancements, or documentation

For more information on the Jetpack Project check out our wiki.

2 comments on “Announcing Add-on SDK 1.10!”

  1. John Nagle wrote on

    Again, Mozilla fails to fix key bugs. I happen to be most concerned about #766088, which causes content scripts to randomly be applied to the wrong pages. That’s been outstanding for almost a year now. There are many other un-fixed bugs. I mentioned this one after the fix for this missed the previous SDK release. The Mozilla team has underperformed again. There’s a consistent pattern of dropping the ball on routine maintenance tasks.

    The Mozilla Foundation has revenue of over $100 million a year. Mozilla’s CTO was paid $427,000 for 2010. (Source: IRS Form 990.) This isn’t a small, low-budget operation with volunteers doing the work. It just performs like one.

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback. As you’re probably aware, the fix for bug #766088 has been fixed and will ship in SDK 1.11.

      cheers, Jeff