The Add-on SDK: coming soon to Firefox 21

I thought I’d shamelessly quote and link to an exciting post by Dave Townsend ( aka Mossop ) who is the engineering manager for the Jetpack team:

We’re now a big step closer to shipping the SDK APIs with Firefox and other apps, we’ve uplifted the SDK code from our git repository to mozilla-inbound and assuming it sticks we will be on the trains for releasing. We’ll be doing weekly uplifts to keep the code in mozilla-central current.

The Add-on SDK is now in Firefox! ( )

So what did we actually do? Well, over the last few months we have made a few changes to the SDK to make it fit better into Mozilla’s mercurial repository, to run tests the way our IT and QA teams expect, and to ensure that the SDK’s apis can be used in any add-on code. We’ve been doing a lot of this integration work on the ‘larch’ branch, and today Dave merged from larch to mozilla-inbound. If all goes well in a little under 3 weeks this code will get uplifted to the Aurora channel, and 3 weeks after that the same code-base will get released as Add-on SDK 1.14, the last release of the SDK that will include the APIs.

I will post a more detailed plan of what the process will be as we transition to shipping the APIs in Firefox and decouple our docs and tool releases from the train model. In the meantime, I’d like to thank the entire community who have contributed to Jetpack over the years for their support, bugs, patience and code.


2 responses

  1. antoyo wrote on :

    Is it safe to manually delete the add-on SDK files from the extension?
    I tried and it works, but I want to know if it is safe and if there is anything else to change.
    Is it a good idea to do that or should I wait for the next release of the add-on sdk?

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      Your best bet would be to build a new xpi file using the –strip-sdk argument. This will package only your code and not include the SDK’s modules.

      --strip-sdk Do not ship SDK modules in the xpi (run, test,
      testall, testex, testpkgs, xpi)