September 2013 Featured Add-ons

This month, our community board selected education-themed add-ons in celebration of back-to-school festivities in the Northern Hemisphere. If you have an add-on to nominate, please send it to for the board’s consideration. We encourage you to submit your own add-on for consideration!

Pick of the Month: Fastest Search

A powerful search add-on that lets you search plain text, whole-word, regular expression, in-page, all tabs, or filtered tabs. Or, search only within in the tab title or url. You can restrict searches to links, or lists in tables only—just press Ctrl-Alt-T and follow the example.

Highly customized and intelligently planned.”

Get Fastest Search »

Also Featured:

Wired-Marker is a permanent (indelible) highlighter that you use on Web pages. The highlighter comes in various colors and styles, and serves as an electronic bookmark when you revisit a Web page. The highlighted content is automatically recorded in a scrapbook and saved. Get it now »

Addictive Typing Lessons
Learn touch-typing, or improve your typing. The 26 lessons generate typing drills, and you can design 50 more lessons. Get it now »

Google Translator for Firefox
With this add-on, you can translate any text to your own language with one click or hot-key. You can choose to translate only the selected text, or the full page. Get it now »

2 responses

  1. Quicksaver wrote on :

    I’ve been following the Featured Picks of the Month, I think since March or something, and so far I’ve been very pleased with the content and installing many of the add-ons mentioned in these blog posts in my own firefox. (Last month’s Stylish as pick of the month was a surprise, I took it for granted and didn’t even notice it wasn’t a featured add-on yet. Truly a great choice!)

    However I think choosing Fastest Search as this month’s pick is a mistake and I can’t agree with it at all. From those four add-ons listed, I would pick Wired-Marker, although Addictive Typing Lessons seems more interesting than Fastest Search too in my opinion. I’m not saying it doesn’t have the functionality to be a featured add-on, just that it isn’t well-integrated or appealing enough to deserve the Pick of the Month spot.

    For a more detailed explanation, I’ve just posted a review on the add-on’s page if you’d like to read: . In short: “It is an add-on full of potential and many nice features, wrapped in a very un-appealing and difficult to use package, which takes far longer and more effort to learn to use than it should. Needs much more work in this area!”

    Just my two cents.

    1. Mingyi Liu wrote on :

      As the author of Fastest Search, I am thrilled and very honored by the Pick of the Month, thanks so much! I also do believe Fastest Search deserves the accolade.

      Compared with the last few Pick of the Month awardees: August: Stylish; July: Reloaded Plus; June: Video Resumer; May: New Tab Plus; an older pick: Abduction. If you actually check those out, FS holds its own well – certainly not the flashest, but the most feature-rich for sure.

      In fact, FS covers the main functionality (but offers unique angle/improvement) of ‘InstantFox’, ‘InstantFirefox’, ‘Add to Search Bar’, ‘AutoCopy’, ‘QuickDrag’, ‘Super DragandGo’, ‘OmniBar’, ‘Dictionary Tooltip’, several of which are featured addons themselves, and FS offers unique features such as regular expression search, restricted text search (on restricted tabs), multi-tab preview (pictured above), the best custom engine search/Smart Searchbox, unique category search, fastest map direction search … many many more …

      From the stats of the last couple days, I think the users are voting with their usage of FS to show that this pick is well deserved – I can’t guarantee that the trend will continue, but will do what I can to help with that.