Winners of the Amp Your Firefox Contest

The results are in for category winners in the Amp Your Firefox contest! Please cast your vote for the Best Overall add-on today. You have until September 20, 2013 to vote, so don’t wait!


In lieu of selecting a winner for the Game category, our judges decided to choose two winners in the Mobile category instead. They felt this better represented the proportion of quality entries in those categories. Congratulations to the winners!

T-shirt update: Everyone who submitted a valid entry that passed full review will receive a t-shirt. The shirts have been ordered, and we’ll start sending them out as soon as they arrive. This process could take at least 8 weeks, so thanks for your patience.

Here are the winners again, with links to download them so you can try them out for yourself!

 ~ MOBILE (Firefox for Android) ~

Tap Translate

Adds a translate button to the long-tap menu.

Mobile Password Manager

View and edit saved passwords on your phone, tablet or desktop.

~ MOBILE PORT (Firefox for Android) ~

Home Links

Use your home button as you would in a desktop browser. Save from 1 to 4 links to open quickly with your new home button.

~ COMPLETE THEME (Desktop) ~

FT DeepDark

Smooth dark theme for Firefox.

~ UPDATED ADD-ON (Desktop) ~

Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Shows the full image when you hover over a thumbnail.

15 comments on “Winners of the Amp Your Firefox Contest”

  1. tobi wrote on

    Tap Translate:
    It brings the most value for me.. I voted for it.

    Mobile Password Manager:
    I like the looks of this one’s interface. Its error messages when filling out the “add new password” form could be improved though: They made it look like the changes weren’t saved, which they were.

    Home Links:
    This saves 1 tap compared to opening a bookmark. So it is useful. I just wonder if this is the best solution to the problem. A menu item that would simply open up the bookmarks page would probably be a better one.

    FT DeepDark:
    I don’t like dark themes.

    Thumbnail Zoom Plus:
    Would have required a browser restart to install, so I was to lazy to try this one out.

    1. rivo wrote on

      I don’t see the use of “Mobile Password Manager”. As long as any browser can save it, why do you need it ?
      Dark themes are not so nice, but the dark menus are. Have a look at Reuters site.

    2. tobi wrote on

      I’m a Firefox power user, and even I don’t have a use for “Mobile Password Manager”. So I wonder why they picked it as category winner. Maybe Amy Tsay can chime in?

  2. Geek in Training wrote on

    Is there a Runner-Up list?

  3. k. wrote on

    My entry is still in the review queue. I would like to know if it actually entered the contest.

    from contest rules: “Entries will go through the Add-ons review process throughout and following the Contest Period, and those accepted will be judged as soon as all Entries have been fully reviewed”

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Can you tell us which add-on was your entry?

      1. j. wrote on

        oops, amo /en-US/firefox/addon/multifox/

      2. j. wrote on

        Hi Amy, could you tell me why my entry (multifox) did not qualify for participation? (It’s still in the review queue) Thanks for any info.

        1. Amy Tsay wrote on

          The version you entered did not pass full review. The updated version is still in the queue, and if it passes you will still qualify for a t-shirt. I see that you didn’t include your shirt size and address/phone information though. I will email you to get the information. Thanks

  4. mosi wrote on

    I don’t like dark themes.

  5. SpewBoy wrote on

    Uhh, the rules stated that the complete theme had to be a “new complete theme that transforms the look of Firefox”. FT DeepDark is the second most popular theme for Firefox and has been around for over 2 years. Doesn’t sound very new to me.

    I’m not saying FT DeepDark is bad or anything, but I thought the spirit of the competition was to create new, innovative add-ons or add-on updates (emphasis on the fact that a complete theme had to be *new* to enter).

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi SpewBoy, you’re right about the rules; however, there weren’t any submissions of new complete themes.

      1. Geek in Training wrote on

        Really?!? I should have made one…

        Oh well, I guess there is always next time.

        Personally I would like to see a contest targeting Firefox for Android only. And one for Firefox OS too. I’d say that both of them need a lot more addons/apps.

      2. SpewBoy wrote on

        Thanks for the reply. I had a few themes I wouldn’t have minded submitting if I knew this was the scenario so some heads up and maybe a rule change would have been a good idea.

        For me, new themes (like, a complete adaptation from the original Firefox theme, not a forked branch of an existing theme) take at least a month to get right because there’s a LOT of CSS to code if you want to make the entire UI different. That may be why there were no new submissions.

  6. Rulouri Exterioare wrote on

    not everyone knows more languages