April 2014 Featured Add-ons

Pick of the Month: S3.Download Statusbar

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar. Despite its compact size, S3. Download Statusbar packs in more useful features than the standard download window. The fully customizable interface auto-hides when not in use, allowing full control without interruption.

Great add-on, a must have. The checksum verification is a blessing. Also thanks for good and fast support!”

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Featured Complete Theme

FT GraphiteGlow
Smooth graphite theme for Firefox. Get it now »


Also Featured

Web2PDF Converter
Convert web pages into PDF files directly from your browser. Get it now »

Free Memory
An add-on to perform free-memory operations without visiting about:memory. Get it now »

Redirect Cleaner
Cleans up redirects from links. Get it now »

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If you’d like to nominate an add-on for featuring, please send it to amo-featured@mozilla.org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!

11 comments on “April 2014 Featured Add-ons”

  1. Joe Pistachio wrote on

    Your description of Free Memory wrongfully displays the one from Youtube Unblocker: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-unblocker/ (which, incidentally, had its Privacy Policy “sneakily” changed since version 0.5.6 — now removed from AMO, but available on the add-on’s official site –, though that’s another story).

  2. Minh Nguyễn wrote on

    Are you sure that’s what Free Memory does? 🙂

  3. custom.firefox.lady wrote on

    and FT GraphiteGlow doesn’t really “Convert web pages into PDF files” (C’mon April Fools Day is over)

  4. Zalgiris Guruno wrote on

    Hi Amy,

    I submitted my add-on to be Featured but today I see that another add-on which copies most of my add-on has been featured instead.


    How can this happen? With all my respect, my add-on has better properties and statistics than other add-on.

    · My add-on is older than it. I published Dec, 12 2013 while the other was published Jan 2, 2014

    · Most of the functions and ideas are copied from my add-on into that add-on.

    · My add-on has 172,000 users where it has 43,000 users

    · My add-on has 193 reviews while it has 116 reviews

    · My add-on has better support. My support forum has 69 pages while the other one has only 8 pages.

    · I sent over 100 updates for my add-on while the other has 12 updates.

    I submitted according to this policy page and my add-on met all criteria required.

    I am sorry but I can not understand why my add-on is not chosen as Featured while my add-on has better meet criteria. I was sleepless by days to code up the features user requested so they can use it as soon as possible. I can not accept someone to come up after me, copy me and get the title I deserved. This is so unfair.


    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      It appears that both of your add-ons were nominated for April, but S3.download statusbar received more votes from the community board. You’re welcome to nominate your add-on again though, and we’ll include it on the list for June.

  5. Amy Tsay wrote on

    Sorry about the earlier mistakes in the post–it was inadvertently published before it was ready! It’s corrected now.

  6. kurt wrote on

    how can I stop firefox from blocking add ons that I need to run my programs?

  7. Kiroset wrote on

    It is hilarious to see Zalgiris Guruno complain about someone copying his work. Both of the new “Download status bars” copy the original. And by using the name, both are infringing on the copyright that is owned by the owners of Download Statusbar.

  8. VASILIOS GIKAS wrote on

    Is the best.

  9. jaja01 wrote on

    after actualization it is not possible to clear finished downloads (and hide) by double-clicking on download statusbar 🙁

  10. Robin Pierard wrote on

    Suggestion some some short download stuff not completely downloaded but show the amount to download can u make ur status bar so its also says file size of downloaded item