April 2016 Featured Add-ons

Pick of the Month: WhatsApp™ Desktop

by Elen Norphen
Enjoy easy access to WhatsApp right from your browser, including incoming message notifications.

”Ahhhh sweet extension!”

Featured: Video Downloader Prime

by Mark
Simple download process for most popular video formats.

”Very easy to work with. It captures video very fast!”

Featured: Google Translate Anywhere

by Jeremy Schomery
Provides a floating multilingual panel for any word or phrase you highlight.

”Everything I want in a dictionary extension: fast pop-up translations, a button for listening to pronunciations, and also definitions. Great job!”

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5 responses

  1. Nikeeta Singhal wrote on :

    i feel that firefox is the best browser among all those and i am using it since a long time ago and i like most of the plugins but best of mine is whatsapp plugin …its make my digital life so easier.

  2. Brenda Bagwell wrote on :

    Maybe I’m in the wrong place here, but I just want to know how to permanently delete an add-on? I hate this thing and it pops up on EVERY website I go to. Please help or let me know who to go to for help.



    1. Deekshith Allamaneni wrote on :

      Hi Brenda, I guess what you are asking is to remove addons from your browser.
      Check this link:

  3. Horacio wrote on :

    Regarding Thunderbird:

    Screen dewcription:
    Left side:
    Folders and their content
    Right Side UPER PANE:
    Each mail arranged in line fashion 1:1

    Middle PANE:
    On the left Side: Is the technical detail of the message with information like:
    from:, subject:, reply-to, to, message-id, X-Acount-Key, X-UIDL, X-Mozilla-Status 001, etc

    On the top rigth:
    Reply, Forward,archive, junk and delete

    In the bottom pane is the message content.

    How do I eliminate the Middle Pane? This is a new feature that is more of nuisance than a help.
    Please, let me know can I eliminate this pane.


    Horacio Lange CDP

  4. Jabed wrote on :

    it’s just awesome bro. You guys are doing best. Hope you are make it more better. Last long time try my best to use it in another browser but i just fail. now it work. <3 thank you so much my friend friend
    Scott DeVaney. Please update the auto reload system in this browser.
    Thamk You. 🙂