Thank You to Our Featured Add-ons Advisory Board

Every six months we assemble a new group of add-on experts from the community—be they developers themselves or simply super fans—to help curate each month’s new featured add-ons. The project involves scrutinizing a sizable batch of content every few weeks. Our most recent Feature Board recently wrapped up a six-month tour and I’d like to call them out for special commendation…

Thank you very much to Sarah Avilov, Karthic Keyan, Ashli Rose Mathew M, Bhuvana Meenakshi, Viswaprasath, Prasanth P, Santosh Viswanatham, Roopak Suresh, and our longtime community editorial leaders Michael Balasz and Swarnava Sengupta. Your discerning eye for content has helped us highlight some truly awesome add-ons these past six months.

As the entire (AMO) ecosystem fully transitions to WebExtensions, the work of identifying feature-worthy content has become even more critical. We recently updated our featuring criteria to note that we are now only accepting add-ons built with WebExtensions API for future editorial consideration.

3 comments on “Thank You to Our Featured Add-ons Advisory Board”

  1. heubergen wrote on

    @Robert Ab: This is not the right place to discuss something like that. Better you ask on SUMO

    1. Robert Ab wrote on

      And I did not found on this page the right place to discuss supported resolutions in Netflix.
      Also if information about the problem is read by more people, maybe something will be done. I was asking quietly and unsuccessfully for this future for the last 2 years (using Netflix customer service) and I am not going to waste more time with them.

  2. Hellhound wrote on

    Instead of listening to “experts” or “super fans” you would be well advised to listen to your users for once.

    I’ve had it with all your experiments that slowly eroded the user base. Australis, Pocket, Hello and now WebExtensions. If I wanted Chrome, I’d just use it, don’t you get it?