Incompatible change to sessions.restore API in Firefox 54

The add-on compatibility update for Firefox 54 was published a while back, but a backward-incompatible change to the sessions.restore WebExtensions API was uplifted to 54, currently in Beta and set to be released on June 13th.

sessions.restore now returns an object instead of an array. With this change, the API now matches the spec and its behavior in Google Chrome. If you use this API in your WebExtension, this bug report has all the details.

4 comments on “Incompatible change to sessions.restore API in Firefox 54”

  1. heubergen wrote on

    @Robert Ab: This is not the right place to discuss something like that. Better you ask on SUMO

    1. Robert Ab wrote on

      And I did not found on this page the right place to discuss supported resolutions in Netflix.
      Also if information about the problem is read by more people, maybe something will be done. I was asking quietly for this future for the last 2 years (using Netflix customer service) and I am not going to waste more time with them.

  2. Nicholas wrote on

    i’ve never commented directly to firefox before. but seeing these upcoming changes.. well.. why do you so want to be Chrome? if i wanted to use Chrome i would be..

    i’ve looked and the add-on i use to make Firefox look like its old self, with the square tabs and such will quit working, and just tonight the add-on i use to tell me the weather changed over to webextention only version and its functionality totally changed.. its called forecast fox and it used to have a little bar i’d keep at the bottom of the browser that had multiple days forecasts and such. but now its a tiny little dot of a thing i can’t read because of my visual issues.

    in fact that’s my biggest problem with your wish to be like chrome. chrome isn’t natively helpful for people with visual difficulties. everything i do is to help in my functioning on the internet, and your taking it away from me

    if you want main firefox to be like chrome. well.. offer a product that is old the old version of the browser.

    because changing things just to change them, that’s just a bad idea

    1. that-random-guy wrote on

      This is what I’ve been saying for a while now.

      It’s not my fault I wasn’t aware of the situation they failed to publicize in the correct ways that they could have.

      The ONLY way I, the end user, was able to find out was by getting told by one of my add-on devs, which only happened cause I happened to be on their AMO page.

      Mozilla and the Firefox devs can deny all they want that they aren’t making slight copy-cat decision, but the proof is there. No matter what they do, I can see the small changes and I see where it’s going.

      They keep changing things in the UI to make it appear modern, but where they fail is the fact that they keep stealing things from other browsers. Chrome, namely, seems to be their go-to when it comes to copy-cating.

      I will reiterate: nobody told them to make a permanent switch to Australis.

      Nobody told them to make the drop-down list for the location bar to span the entire screen (like Chrome).

      Nobody told them to make the supportive UI elements less accessible.

      Nobody told them to remove our option to better define how we want the browser to look like.

      Nobody told them to rid everything of XUL and anything related to it.

      Let’s face it folks, they had one audience in mind when they made the move to WE: the devs.

      Not us, not the stakeholders, not the disabled, not the true supporters, but themselves.

      Unless the new theme-ing will allow for something similar to CTR, which I doubt it will, then I see no viable replacement or substitute for that one basic thing which they’re trying to isolate from our control.