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Helping You Find Compatible Extensions

We are getting lots of support requests for finding replacement extensions in the comments section. We can provide better support for this in the forums, so we are shutting off comments here. This thread is where you can see what the community has already suggested, as well as post your own support request.

If you’re a Firefox 57 user (aka Firefox Quantum, released November 14) with legacy extensions installed, there is a feature to help you find compatible replacements.

In the Add-ons Manager (Tools menu > Add-ons), click on “Show legacy extensions” to see a list of your incompatible extensions.

Click on “Find a Replacement”, and you will be taken to the AMO page of a compatible alternative.

If an exact replacement hasn’t been identified, you will land on the Featured Extensions collection, which lists only compatible extensions.

For legacy tab extensions that couldn’t migrate at this time because of unavailable APIs (some of which are being developed and prioritized for release in the coming months), the “Find a Replacement” button directs you to a curated collection of compatible tab extensions.

Not Too Late to Migrate

For developers of legacy extensions who may be in the process of migrating, or have plans to do so in the future, please note that once your extension is compatible, your users will no longer be prompted to find a replacement, and your current users will automatically get the updated version.

So you may still want to update to the WebExtensions API, even if you didn’t get it done in time for Firefox 57. For more information on how to migrate legacy extensions, please see this guide.

If You Need Them a While Longer

We understand that some of you won’t be able to find replacements for your legacy extensions. If you want to use them a while longer while you wait to see if they will be updated by their developers, your best option is Firefox ESR 52. This release is updated for security only, and should work with legacy extensions until the release of Firefox 59, which will also update the ESR release to Quantum.

196 comments on “Helping You Find Compatible Extensions”

  1. Hans-Jürgen Martin wrote on

    All of a suden, after the release and automatic update of “Firefox Quantum”, I find my add-on “FireFTP” disabled, and I can no longer upload pages from my websites. This is not what I want my (up to now) favourite browser to do. It may sound oldfashioned, but I simply want my old browser back as long as Firefox cannot offer a good replacement.

  2. Daniel wrote on

    Well, by the tone of many of the comments, it’s not difficult to imagine a clamorous procession of pitchforks and torches on their way to Castle Mozilla. I’m in that procession too but instead of wielding implements of harm I only have a cup of coffee and a smoke. I’m walking along with the rest of them and half-heartedly join their accusatory cheers but only so I don’t stand out too much.

    Anyway, what the scientists at Mozilla should have done is examined which add-ons had been downloaded the most and then in advance could have notified ‘Igor’ or whomever that versions compatible with 57 were needed in advance. I realize the browser overhaul was needed but the effect is like buying a car with the extras you want and then one morning you notice that overnight someone came by and made it a stick-shift with roll-down windows and only an AM radio.

    Personally, I miss QuickNotes, the best ever for context menu note/link copier. Hopefully by 58 that will be back in biz. So, until such time as that happens then I’m the guy at the end of the line. Now and then you’ll see me showing my middle finger in the direction of the castle but don’t take it personally, it’s just with those many pitchforks and torches nearby then best to play along.

    Wait a minute, one of the villagers is giving me a suspicious look. “Mozilla, you suck!” Ok, he just smiled at my having said that and turned around. That was close. 🙂

  3. Sorry, what a fail wrote on

    I have always hated tabs. I just want windows. now my add-on that made the single dumb looking tab go away does not work, along with classic theme restorer.

    Why do you force an ugly nonsense interface on us and not allow us to make it look THE WAY WE WANT?

  4. ypersyntelykos wrote on dont work in firefox 57

  5. Pincher wrote on

    Why have extensions etc for Thunderbird if you cannot get them installed.

    Quote ” This add-on could not be installed because it has not been verified”

    Well, thats just great if it truly is there to protect! But there are two things that I don’t get.
    1. Why is it there in the first place if it’s not verified?
    2. How do we get it verified if it is down to us? Especially if your a geriatric newbie.

    All I want is to set up Thunderbird with Lightning. Just hope that if I ever achieve this almost impossible installation it is as fast as it’s name.

    Any suggestions please.

  6. Stefan wrote on

    Have use Firefox for many years, only thanks to all great addons. Now and then Mozilla have killed one or two with Firefox updates. Have scratched my head and tried many that i thought to be replacements, but most have ofcourse failed. What i read about FF 57 have told me to stay on FF 52.4 ESR where my addons work or move to another browser that have my needed addons. If i can’t change the UI (Theme and so on) i won’t use that browser. Will be nice to see when Firefox drops down in marketshares further, maybe then You morons as devs understand to listen to the users….but i doubt it though ! RIP Mozilla and Firefox !

  7. Perico Palotes wrote on

    I have always used FF as my default browser, but now it is almost worthless without my extensions, some of them J’ve using for MANY years. I will be using Pale Moon since it seems that some of my most important functionalities won’t be replaced. Without these extensions, FF is just HALF the browser it used to be for me:

    Context Search X
    Add to Search Bar
    Image Picker
    Icono del complemento
    Multiple Tab Handler (with the old features)

    Also, I used to have a folder I made in my bookmarks toolbar with “recently added bookmarks”, very accessible and useful for editing bookmarks, and it’s dissapeared with the upgrade…

  8. Frustrated and angry customer wrote on

    Bye bye Firefox, v57 effectively broke almost all of my addons and (guess!) there are no replacements as no one cares to spend endless hours to upgrade them or find a workaround around Quantum stopping all support for XUL extensions.

    Mozilla made the browser “better “by actually removing functionality. It surely takes lots of boldness or stupidity to work around root problems by simply removing usable stuff rather of bloody fixing those problems.

    Step 1) Downgrade to v56 asap, keep using it for some more time
    Step 2) Switch to Chrome/Opera

    Bye Firefox. It’s been fun over all these years. Next time I hope you’ll do it better and provide some damn continuity.

  9. Sunil Kumar wrote on

    After the updating of Firefox 57.0 I am unable to access the WebDAV Launcher. It says the plug in missing and when i try to trouble shot it with different provided option , it says Not compatible with Firefox.

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