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Helping You Find Compatible Extensions

We are getting lots of support requests for finding replacement extensions in the comments section. We can provide better support for this in the forums, so we are shutting off comments here. This thread is where you can see what the community has already suggested, as well as post your own support request.

If you’re a Firefox 57 user (aka Firefox Quantum, released November 14) with legacy extensions installed, there is a feature to help you find compatible replacements.

In the Add-ons Manager (Tools menu > Add-ons), click on “Show legacy extensions” to see a list of your incompatible extensions.

Click on “Find a Replacement”, and you will be taken to the AMO page of a compatible alternative.

If an exact replacement hasn’t been identified, you will land on the Featured Extensions collection, which lists only compatible extensions.

For legacy tab extensions that couldn’t migrate at this time because of unavailable APIs (some of which are being developed and prioritized for release in the coming months), the “Find a Replacement” button directs you to a curated collection of compatible tab extensions.

Not Too Late to Migrate

For developers of legacy extensions who may be in the process of migrating, or have plans to do so in the future, please note that once your extension is compatible, your users will no longer be prompted to find a replacement, and your current users will automatically get the updated version.

So you may still want to update to the WebExtensions API, even if you didn’t get it done in time for Firefox 57. For more information on how to migrate legacy extensions, please see this guide.

If You Need Them a While Longer

We understand that some of you won’t be able to find replacements for your legacy extensions. If you want to use them a while longer while you wait to see if they will be updated by their developers, your best option is Firefox ESR 52. This release is updated for security only, and should work with legacy extensions until the release of Firefox 59, which will also update the ESR release to Quantum.

196 comments on “Helping You Find Compatible Extensions”

  1. Wankers wrote on

    I’m using extensions that block privacy and security flaws. Thanks for disabling them.

    1. B wrote on

      Yup, same problem here. Sorry Mozilla, you really dropped the ball on this one.

    2. Christian Tapie wrote on

      After all those numerous comments (whatever they might say), let’s try to be constructive:
      Anticipating all those changes, I decided to let the dust settle for a while and see what’s going on.

      I fully understand a lot of Add-on need time to rewrite their stuff; … so I will patiently wait they do
      their stuff BEFORE I upgrade!!!

      The pb is after a bit of investigation some contributors have decided to throw the towel and let their
      program go. The key point is to know which is which. It would be helpful for us regular end-users to
      have a rough honest statement of the progresses.

      This being written, the deciding factor for me to upgrade or not is to be certain there will be an upgrade
      (or an acceptable replacement) for the following Add-ons:
      – Hide Tab bar with 1 tab 1.51
      – Hide Navigation bar 1.42

      For the rest I am willing to take the risk and the burden of a roll-back if not happy.

      Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.

      TiA & Bst rgds, Ch.

  2. Biserko Fercek wrote on

    So you have 57 versions of Mozilla and you have not been able to make possibility to change the font size in your menus. We had an addon “theme font & size changer”, and of course now it does not work either. People, are you normal?…

    1. Richard Fisher wrote on

      Couldn’t have said it any better. I need it back.

    2. sparky and flash wrote on

      Yea you realy screwewd up. I now need a magnifying glass to read my tool bar! Nice going FIREFOX!!!!!!

  3. David wrote on

    This is a nightmare. None of my legacy extensions have replacements, which means I have lost all the functionality that made Firefox better than other browsers. Can no longer open .mht files, no download status bar, no colourful tabs, no auto copy, no copy as text, no single close tab button.

    1. Biserko Fercek wrote on

      aa, but its super fast, and its new version every few weeks, its Quantum, U must be happy….

    2. Sandy wrote on

      Same problem here. I have literally hundreds of bookmarks that are now gone. I am LIVID.

    3. migol wrote on

      You are seriously damaging the appeal of Firefox over Chrome! The rich availability of extensions in Firefox has received a large blow, by turning lots of useful extensions obsolete with the new Firefox Quantum. I have been using Firefox and Chrome, where Firefox has been the default browser, mainly because of some extensions which were more feature-rich than the equivalent ones on Chrome. Now, if this situation persists for some time, I will have no reason to keep using Firefox as my main browser, as most users have been migrating to Chrome.
      Another point is that the search for Firefox add-ons has become cumbersome. The groupings (classifications) are much to broad, forcing me to search. When I search for “screenshot” I get a meager result now, with a small list of add-ons having only 100 or so users (instead of the hundreds of thousands in the past), and if I want to open a particular add-on in a new tab (like I did in the past) I cannot; it will open in the current tab only, but then, when I go back to the previous page (using the back button) the text I had written in the search box has gone, forcing me to write again “screenshot”, to obtain again the list I was probing. Very, very unwise to have changed a fantastic firefox addons web site into a mediocre one!
      What are you doing with your product ?

      1. shawy wrote on

        Migol– my friend ,you have saved me the time and effort to write my feelings/views about failfox ! you have said it all for me.
        Thank you.
        Just nipping next door to Chrome for a few hours ……..

  4. Sandy wrote on

    WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL DID YOU PEOPLE DO?? My speed dial is gone, my save to read is gone…so many other extensions are gone! You idiots have completely made Firefox useless to me because now over half of my extensions….along with saved bookmarks are GONE. YOU IDIOTS!

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Sandy, I can definitely understand why you are upset, and while we may not be able to find replacements for all of your extensions, I’d like to try to help you recover your bookmarks.

      If your bookmarks bar is missing on the toolbar, here are some instructions for how to restore it:

      You can also recover missing bookmarks from a backup:

      For ‘Save to Read,’ you might want to try Pocket (, which is fully integrated with the Firefox browser.

      For “Speed Dial,” you might want to try Speed Dial [FVD]. It may not have all of the features of the original Speed Dial, but the developers are continuing to improve and maintain the extension.

      Are there any other extensions you had installed that we might be able to help find replacements for?

      1. Barbie wrote on

        Is there a way to make the font size larger on the Tabs and the Bookmarks bar? It is extremely hard to read, especially for us older people!
        Since “Theme Font & Size Changer” is no longer compatible, do you offer another option for us to be able to increase the font size in these areas? I have only found where I can increase the font size on web pages but not on the Tabs and Bookmarks bar.
        Help Please!!!
        Thank you!

        1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

          Hi Barbie,

          We’ve heard from a few folks that the font sizes for the bookmarks bar and tabs are too small to read easily, and I really apologize for that. Our user interface team is working on some ways to address this, but those improvements won’t be available for a few more months. 🙁

          That having been said, there are two short term solutions you might want to try to adjust font sizes. One, you can increase the font size on your operating system and make everything bigger.

          Two, you can modify Firefox’s configuration settings. Accept the warning to continue. Open a new tab and go to ‘about:config.’ Then, search for ‘layout.css.devPixelsPerPx’ in the search box. Double click on the ‘Value’ (which will likely be -1.0). Set a new value that you find appropriate. For example, a value of 1.25 will zoom all of Firefox to 125%. You can right click on the value and click ‘reset’ to go back to the original value at any time. When you are done, close the tab.

          This is not as elegant as Theme and Font Size Changer because it makes everything in Firefox bigger, but hopefully it will be of help until a better solution can be made.

          1. Biserko Fercek wrote on

            great, sounds promising……. thaanks………

          2. Terri wrote on

            How about:
            Auto Close Bookmarks and History Folders
            Colorful Tabs
            Open Bookmarks in new tab
            Open link in new tab
            So difficult for me to use FF without this added help – it made things so much easier.
            Thank you –

          3. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

            Hi Terri,

            It looks like you can install a compatible version of Colorful Tabs from here: https://addons.mozilla.orgfirefox/addon/_colorfultabs/

            For some of these other features, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. :/ To open bookmarks in a new tab, you can change a setting within Firefox to achieve this. Instructions are here:

            To open a link in a new tab, you can hold down the control button and click if you are on PC, or hold down the command button and click if you are on Mac.

            Unfortunately, I’m not seeing anything for automatically closing bookmarks and history folders, and it doesn’t look like that particular extension will be updated any time soon. 🙁

      2. Sal wrote on

        I am in complete agreement with Sandy.

        “WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL DID YOU PEOPLE DO?? My speed dial is gone […] so many other extensions are gone! You idiots have completely made Firefox useless to me because now over half of my extensions [….] are GONE. YOU IDIOTS!”

        Is there any way to revert back to the old firefox?
        How can I retrieve all my speed dial links? Critically important because I have used speedial as my sole place to save bookmarks for the past 5+ years!!!

        1. Amy Tsay wrote on

          Hi Sal, if you’re open to giving Group Speed Dial a try, there are instructions on how to migrate and preserve your data:

        2. Siegfried wrote on

          Hi, my ReminderFox contains my complete calender datas for this and the next year. How to save them or are they lost completety? regards Siegfried

      3. Amy wrote on

        Can’t find a replacement for Tab Mix Plus or Tab Scope. I lost all of my opened tabs, no way to restore previous sessions, reopen a recent closed tab, customize colors of fonts & background colors on tabs, etc. This is a nightmare!

        FYI your link above for colored tabs is either not accurate or no longer exists.

  5. Bob wrote on

    Hi, anybody please, how to export Session Manager sessions to a valid replacement, or is this not possible? Thanks.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      I’m not sure whether Session Manager has an export feature, but you might be able to contact the developer through their support channel to ask.

      1. Dean wrote on

        More than export from SessionManager (why would its developer bother), import from SM by supposed replacements is what is needed…

  6. Bert wrote on

    Hi. In the recommended collection for tabs: , there’s nothing for multirow/adjustable size for each tab/select by hovering… (why by default there’s no option for this? for many tabs it’s ridiculous to have to scroll left and right…)

  7. (RU) Ruslan wrote on

    If there are still no alternatives for my (old) security extensions (noScript, ReqestPolicy etc FoxyFroxy), then I’m migrating to another browser! Where they are!

    Loss List:
    (security and censorship)
    UnMHT- Batch save sites! Goodbye!
    Torrent Tornado – A full-featured little functional torrent client in an add-on! Goodbye! VideoDownloader – No flattery in the site code that would rip out the video file!
    ChatZilla – Convenient IRC client (with proxy) in the form of a compact add-on! Goodbye!

    PS: Thank you!

    PSS: If this is the case, then add an experimental function (at your own peril and risk) to activate the work of old additions …

    1. Roll It Back wrote on

      You can downgrade back to one the previous/older versions and all your extensions will work again. The quantum update left so many great add-ons incompatible, so I just rolled back to around version 50 until all my favorite addons become compatible with the new quantum. I had years worth speed dial links missing and a bunch of other of my favorite add-ons. All the great extensions is why I have always remained faithful to firefox.

      If you want to rollback just follow these steps.
      1. Visit this link and download the version you want to rollback to ..
      2. Close firefox.
      3. Double click the older version you just downloaded.
      4. Firefox 50 or whatever version you chose will ask you if you want to upgrade.. Click yes..
      5. When your downgraded version launches Click Options > General and disable Automatic Updates.

      Everything should be back to normal. You likely will not even have to reinstall any of your extensions either.

      1. migol wrote on

        Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

        I downloaded version 56.0.2 (64 bit) (file “Firefox Setup 56.0.2.exe” ) and installed it over version 57.0. The first time I got it wrong because as soon as version 56.0.2 started, it started immediately upgrading to version 57.0, thus I got version 57.0 again.

        Then I went to Options -> General ->Firefox updates and under “Allow Firefox to” changed from “Automatically install updates (recommended)” to “Check for updates but let you choose to install them”. Then I closed Firefox, executed again the installer “Firefox Setup 56.0.2.exe” and then started Firefox again. It stays now on Firefox 56.0.2, but it keeps reminding me to upgrade to 57.0 which is ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. Firefox 57 is a DISASTER! Those who managed this upgrade to version 57 are lunatics that will be responsible for the demise of Firefox if the situation with the incompatibility of 80% or more of the extensions is not resolved very, very soon.

        Of course this roll-back is a TEMPORARY solution while I see what happens in the VERY near future. If the disaster remains, then I will have to say BYE-BYE to Firefox (after at least 15 years of faithful usage) and move definitively to Chrome as my default browser.

        1. migol wrote on

          Just to put this situation in perspective:

          Ubuntu Linux was the most used desktop Linux version until several years ago Mark Shuttleworth , the big boss of the Ubuntu project decided to introduce the Unity user interface that restricted the usage to menu interfaces and searches in order to start an application, abolishing the prevalent desktop systems with icons placed on the desktop.

          That move was highly criticized at the time but Mark Shuttleworth kept firm on Unity. The result was that Ubuntu lost lots and lots of users and a port of Ubuntu Linux called Linux Mint – which kept the existing Gnome desktop system and did not introduce the Unity system – became the prevalent Linux desktop. Now after so many years of failure, Marc Shuttleworth finally sees the light and drops the Unity system, back to the Gnome system! See

  8. AdrianRA wrote on

    Well well, the new and improved FF certainly does NOT live up to the hype.

    As above, lost lots of extensions, extensions I relied on.

    eg: Download Status Bar; Foxclocks ( I check time on different locations as I make International Calls) but the biggest gripe for me is Tab Plus Mix… if I go to a bookmark and select an item, it overrides the current opened Tab, Bugger!!!!!!!!!!!

    I now have to right click and select ‘Open Link in New Tab’

    NOT a happy camper.


  9. Shangarry wrote on

    Colorful Tabs and All-in-One Gestures are my essential extensions. Firefox should have sourced compatible versions of these, and other popular extensions, before landing users with a new browser.
    Can I get my old browser back? No further voluntary contributions from me until Firefox sort this out.

  10. (RU) Ruslan wrote on

    For some reason it seems to me that some of these additions are already … (the development is dead) is not supported by the authors! And no alternatives are foreseen!

    I thought this was just a sample update and a bug fix, but no!
    Just this update is global and it came so dramatically that I did not even understand …

    It’s annoying! Yes, still removed the (window) interface (controls and settings) add-ons and moved it for some reason to the web-tabs !? For example, I do not like to produce thousands of tabs (settings – site-tabs – settings – site-tabs)

  11. Lilian wrote on

    Fantastic … 6 years are all OK … and now you’ve ruined everything I needed … The tab had 30 icons and less than 10 cm, now stretched to 3 monitors. Thanks for this shit and 99% of the addons do not work

  12. Alex Handley wrote on

    “A few more months.”

    To allow people to change the size of the UI to be readble for anyone without perfect vision.

    You are JOKING.

    I’m sorry, but that’s not acceptable. That shows an appalling level lack of consideration for your customers for any user who is not a fully-able adult that your team apparently didn’t give this any thought.

    Fixing this should be a job that is top priority – expecially considering you don’t even give people an option to roll-back – and should the sort of thing that should be hot-fixed in a short space of time (like y’know, days). Or are you really telling us that the new system is SO badly designed that a relatively simple change like UI size is not possible? Because if that is true, it says a great deal about your priorities and none of it good, I’m afraid.

    My grandmother is 90 and see can’t see properly and she had enough difficulty using the interface before (which you’ve now changed around again), and the computer is her lifeline. What is she supposed to do in the “few months” it will take you to fix a basic (or what SHOULD BE a basic issue? (I will have to try to ensure that her version does NOT upgrade.)

    1. David Bolter wrote on

      Hi! The Firefox UI should respond to desktop settings. So for example on Windows 10 you can adjust “Settings > System > Display > Change the size of text, apps and other items”. It sounds like for web content, you’ve solved that part already. I hope this helps.

  13. daimog wrote on

    Reminder Fox has been deactivated with years of information stored there.
    How can I retrieve this info?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      The developer’s site has some information on how the data is stored:

      There’s also some more information here:!msg/reminderfox/ZX3Hsm3R1jU/MU0S50LhEAAJ

  14. Dan Guisinger wrote on

    The extension Colorful Tabs no longer works in Quantum. The ability to easily differentiate between multiple open tabs does not exist in Firefox Settings. If this isn’t fixed (soon) — either by Mozilla or Colorful Tabs’ developer — this faithful 10-year user of Firefox must reluctantly migrate to a different browser … seriously!

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Dan, you can install a compatible version of Colorful Tabs here:

  15. Deck Deckert wrote on

    You’ve disabled Liquid Words, my most useful and best-loved add-on, one that I have had to rescue in several earlier updates. Now it is apparently gone for good and I don’t know of any comparable add-on. Thanks a lot.

    (And to add insult to injury, the update did NOT apprecatively speed up my desktop computer.)


  16. Jenean S wrote on

    What the hell, my bf’s computer automatically updated to 57 and now ALL HTML5 videos are purple and green unless I open in safe mode. This is so uncool guys Ive tried everything from previous versions and nothing worked. Give me a solution! Btw, he has NO extensions on his computer just the three that mozilla installs “shockwave flash, openH264video codec provided by cisco systems, inc., and Widevine content decryption module provided by google inc.” thats it.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Jenean, we’ve heard a couple of reports about this. There’s a bug open and it looks like a fix will be pushed soon.

  17. Chuck wrote on

    You broke everything – how so not intelligent.
    Firefox is not safely usable without NoScript. It’s a critical piece.
    And HTTPS Everywhere.
    2 extensions I use – 100% broken.
    You could warn users of Firefox (maybe you warned your club?).
    You should work on how you [DON’T] support your user base.
    Making Chrome look better. How unfortunate.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Chuck, NoScript is coming soon. You can also get HTTPS Everywhere is also compatible, though you might want to re-install it from here:

      1. B wrote on

        “Coming soon” means “wait indefinitely” apparently. The developer has missed two self-imposed deadlines to produce a compatible Noscript version and there is no news on when that will actually be ready.

        I thought Noscript was supposed to be a showcase for the WebExtensions migration. What happened there?

  18. Sally wrote on

    I really dislike the square boxy appearance of the new tabs and the way they go black when not in use.

    I’m a Luddite, so don’t know how to change this – can you help?

  19. Alexander 10 wrote on

    All You need to know about new extensions politic –
    Flash and video download
    uBlock origin

    Old extensions:
    Session manager
    SQLite Manager

    What reason for me to use Firefox from 57.0?
    It’s look like new secure politic in Mozilla foundation come from Google corporation to destroy Firefox.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Alexander,

      For Session manager, you might want to try Tab Session Manager ( or My Sessions (

      DownThemAll might have a lite version coming in the future (

      Firebug has been retired. The good news is that all of its capabilities are now integrated into the current Firefox Developer Tools. See this post:

      You might want to try SeLite SQLite Connection Manager in place of SQLite Manager.

  20. jack wrote on

    this is really frustrating. i had no idea that firefox was going to push the quantum update so fast, and i wake up to find my browser all out of whack and no way to downgrade at all.

    i use linux, and the retarded thing is even though i went into the package manager and downgraded it, it still loads firefox quantum, and i have no desire to keep using it. everything was fine right up until quantum installed with my updates. now all my add ons are legacy and there are no alternatives (as indicated by several users already) and the useless search function just dumps me on the front page of the add ons site instead of giving me an acceptable alternative.

    is there any way to recover the old firefox before quantum was pushed? obviously downgrading wont work. thanks mozilla for being update nazis. my productivity went down the toilet, and that is time i cannot get back. besides that, the browser sucks worse than chrome now as far as speed goes. i have the feeling much like youtube and google and other mega corps out there today, mozilla has joined those ranks to force users to like their garbage instead of listening to the users. bad bad bad move.

    time to go through the headache of reinstalling firefox ESR and try to get one of the older forks to emulate what i had set up just last week.

  21. Fritz Pinguin wrote on

    This is no upgrade – Firefox 57 is a serious downgrade regarding usability and convenience. To force this change on your users is nasty. It should have come with a chance to block the 57 pile of junk. I hate it. I am missing some of my most important extensions. Just one more nail in the coffin of firefox on my machine.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Fritz, I hear your frustration. What extensions are you missing? We might be able to help find some replacements.

      1. Chelsea wrote on

        Caitlin can you please help me get Zotero back? YEARS of citations for my masters thesis are now gone. This is horrible.

        1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

          Hi Chelsea — absolutely happy to help out. Can you give me any more specifics about which extension for Zotero you were using? Here’s the list I saw on AMO:

  22. backslasher wrote on

    Not only are replacement extensions not available for people who have updated to V57, but the process is breaking extensions even for users who haven’t updated. On their review page, the developers of BlockSite have posted this boilerplate response to all the complaints that the updated extension is broken:

    “Please note that due to the strict deadline of Firefox, urging extensions to move to the new WebExtension standard, we had to release a new version as soon as possible.”

  23. Shane Metler wrote on

    Auto-update broke PHP debugger (Zend Debugger Toolbar), which essentially stops me from doing my day job. The fact that I come into work and find that I cannot do my job (when I was able to yesterday) is unacceptable. This is not an upgrade, it is sabotage!

  24. PRC wrote on

    Dear sirs,

    I have been putting up with all the FF missaps for years, … consuming 3 times more memory than chrome, loss of responsiveness, starvation of resources on my machine …etc etc etc. Although considerable improvements have been made lately, FF is still lagging behind other alternatives. The only reason why i still hold to it is because of the multitude of addons which allow for a true customization … FF is not just a browser to me, it is my browsing (and also) working environment …
    To my surprise ALL (and i cant stress enough … ALL) my environment was rendered useless with your new upgrade! for what? shiny buttons? new icons? … at least allow the user to choose for the upgrade or not, letting us know what addos are going to be deprecated with your upgrades.
    Well, … im sure it was daring challenge for you to work on these upgrades, … but this was the last straw: If i cant have my working environment, i might as well have a more responsive browser.
    Farewell Firefox.

  25. Franco Corbelli wrote on

    Only one word: WTF?

    The second biggest and dumbest error in the entire history of web browsing!

    There is NO downloaders like downthemall or flashgot.

    Firefox Quantum? From maybe the best to an useless piece of junk

  26. trevor wrote on

    Why oh why was there no notification I turned on my computer and Bam all my speed dials have gone I had special web site connections for banking, hospital and medication links and connections to French banking system All gone and now I have to start all over again I dont like the look of the new speed dial either You have shot yourself in the foot with this one you will loose thousands of followers with this new upgrade I for one will be looking else where too this is bully boy tactics
    I am a silver surfer and these new upgrades are confusing for older folk

  27. Rick Litke wrote on

    Yep! You screwed us in many ways. Many of your followers won’t comment, but you goys really p****d me off t5his time. I have a large screen monitor and can’t read the tiny font on the bars. I had a font changer add-on (Theme Font & Sizer Changer) which was EXCELLENT! And now it’s useless and I’m back to tiny fonts.

    Thanks A Lot

    A Loyal User

  28. Tim wrote on

    The loss of downloadstatusbar is a big one. The enhancements that this addon brought to Firefox should be standard in firefox itself. We should have better control over downloads!

  29. Don Cooper wrote on

    Thanks for making the browsing experience back to square 1. Legacy add-ons are now worthless & finding a replacement next to impossible. FireFox blew it & needs to rectify situation.

    1. Knott Yourbusiness wrote on

      Absolutely, what the hell were they thinking spontaneously uninstalling and permanently disabling people’s personal browser add-ons without any kind of warning or asking permission?

  30. dodo19910 wrote on

    This “upgrade” was pure bullshit. I rolled back to a older version & I’m NOT gona update again, EVER.
    UNLESS/UNTIL >ALL< of my addons are "compatible".
    Also the things that addons do SHOULD be a part of firefox by default any way.

  31. Stephen Glassic wrote on

    I am hugely disappointing, and then some. Firefox automatically updated when I restarted. This has never been much of a problem before. There may have been a couple times I had to update an ad on or extension or it a less important one that I could do without, or it was updated later or there were alternatives.

    This time I lost my second most important extension. That is Samfind bookmarks toolbar. Look for replacement takes me to “Featured add-ons. Searching add-ons is no help. Apparently there are no others that are similar. This extension was great for organization and quick access to my most used websites. Two quick clicks and I’m on the site. Now I have lost all those bookmarks.

    Hopefully they will update the extension. It will take a lot of work to get them set up in the Firefox bookmarks menu and it just won’t be as easy to use.

  32. Jack wrote on

    Yay… I’m running win7-64… and thanks to your continuous meddling I now can no longer watch Youtube, newssites supporting video’s, Dailymotion…. I see a black rectangle and hear sound… GET ME MY VIDEO ENGINES BACK! Wether it be Flash, mp4, Or Html5… Get it back. Start writing code you lot! >:( And don’t tell me to get a new system with Win10 crap!

  33. S Schneider wrote on

    No more Add This? How are we now supposed to post and send articles? By copy/pasting everything? This is seriously a game changer. And when I used the find replacement tool all it showed me were ad blockers.

  34. Jose wrote on

    You just made A copycat version of Chrome ¬¬ Thankas for ruining it. You ruined everything!!!

    So, I had my thesis and doctorate investigation in Zotero wich was a WONDERFUL firefox plugin thta made investigation much less difficult. And suddenly I LOST EVERYTHING I had there (of course I have my backups and all, but now you just can’t use Zotero)! Not because of Zotero’s updates but because of you!

    I had exactly 48 plugins that I was actively using!! Everyone told me to use another explorer because firefox was slow and blah, and I allways said that I needed everything that I have with my complements and I didn’t wnt to and I couldn`t do that even if I wanted.

    You say “For developers of legacy extensions who may be in the process of migrating, or have plans to do so in the future, please note that once your extension is compatible, your users will no longer be prompted to find a replacement, and your current users will automatically get the updated version.” Well, lets see if the users will come back to you after WE change to another explorer because you forced us to.

    So thank you firefox! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING THAT MADE YOU UNIQUE, and ruined a LOT of people’s work with you…. YOU ARE THE WORST.

    How is that this is jus’t NOT VOLUNTARY or whatever..

    And you know what, I won’t apologize for my english cuz gess what!! Autocorrection doesn’t exist anymore or something like that and I just wont be using this shit for anything to google the solution.
    Why I would use a Chrome’s clone??!!

    I just really wish thath Zotero’s team or anyone else would have done some kind of old firefox FORK

    So bye, and not a good one…

  35. Kokotzkokota wrote on

    reinstall v.52 and stop update = optimall

  36. Andrew Wright wrote on

    Also extremely pissed off with Quantum – yes, it uses less memory, but my two most used & useful add-ons have gone – FoxClocks & Downthemall .. neither of which have even reasonable replacements.

    They were simple, easily used & extremely well written extensions which were totally squashed by the politics inside the Mozilla world.

    I have also been a faithful Forefox user (& promoter) for many years.

    There should at least have been some help for developers like these, rather than the cavalier ditching of anyone “who disagrees with our approach”. Just like a BIG CORP – like it or lump it!!

    Why cannot I just install whatever I like, anway?? Why would Quantum reject something that you guys refuse to certify?? I know that Foxclocks works with Quantum – you have just decided that it mustn’t …. let me decide, with a warning if you like, but I am the user!!!

  37. Stephen wrote on

    Thanks. I’ve been a user and advocate of Firefox since 1.5,. I included it on a “fix-all” CD I created and sent to less technical end users at 2 different ISPs I worked for. I’ve lived with the changes that inevitably come but this is just a fiasco. My settings are ruined, none of the extensions now work including NoScript. You of course were fully aware of this before releasing but failed to insert a question in the install process so that the user could make an informed choice about having most if not all of the flexibility they’ve enjoyed from Firefox removed. You’re idiots.

  38. Down Them All wrote on

    Firefox 57 without Down Them All is completely useless for me. Sorry guys.

  39. Vai0 wrote on

    Hi, can I have a replacement for Roomy Toolbar. I think Multi-row toolbar was same, but that too has gone. If no replacement is available for now. I would like to develop a new one. Locations pointing to help and guides will be much appreciated.

  40. Vai0 wrote on

    Also there is lot of wasted space around toolbar tools. My favorites toolbar used to contain 25 icons earlier in a row. Now it contains only 19 🙁 .

  41. Jordan wrote on

    No suitable replacements found for any useful extension, Quantum was a really bad upgrade for this reason.

  42. Tony wrote on

    Wonderful! You’ve managed to make 95% of my extensions, plug-ins and themes unusable. How can I revert to previous Firefox version? If I can’t, you’ve lost a user who has been “in” from the beginning (Netscape Navigator days).


  43. Chris Robinson wrote on

    What a boneheaded move!!! Can no longer download as no and i repeat no downloaders work, despite FF sending me two alternatives, neither of which work either. Who is running this organization, a bunch of girl scouts? This is even unfair to girl scouts, its run by a bunch of stupid clowns. Sorry, but as much as i dislike chrome, thats where im going. Bye

  44. LisaDiane wrote on

    I’m sure you Firefox people are overwhelmed with all these negative comments, but really, WHAT did any of you EXPECT…??? WHY wouldn’t there be something posted 1-2 weeks before the update, explaining what could happen, and letting people know which Add-Ons wouldn’t be compatible with this new version…?? ALL of the complaints on here are VALID and UNDERSTANDABLE — computers are people’s LIVES!!! Who would think that making massive changes and deletions with how people USE the internet, with NO warning, was a good idea??? Hasn’t anyone paid attention to how Windows is running people off with their constant changes and controls…??
    I LOVE Firefox, but this was/is TERRIBLE Customer Care, and may actually cause it’s END….

  45. Jack Benny wrote on

    How do I roll back this firefox update so my my extensions will continue to work?
    This has totally ruined the functionality of the browser for me.

  46. kyle wrote on

    wow thanks for killing all my addons guys

    awesome job

  47. bloatee wrote on

    Are there replacements for



    New Add-on Bar


    SSL Version Control (a Mozilla extension)

    Like everyone else here, now stuck on Firefox ESR 52 – which has stale CA certificates, so is extremely unsafe to use with many banking sites that use newer CA certificates.

  48. s wrote on

    Wow. I’ve been a Firefox user since it was Netscape Navigator. When I switched away from it, I switched to Waterfox. I’ll continue using that as long as I can, but I know that neither it nor Pale Moon will never have enough market share to keep extension developers interested. Now, most of the stuff I use (like Brief, yarip, Menu Wizard, Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar, and about fifty others, on and off) isn’t really necessary, just useful. But…you broke Session Manager, PassIFox, NoScript, and SQLite Manager? And there’s no way to have a status bar? I have to to to the developer window to see headers rather than click Live HTTP Headers? And on, and on…

    Y’know, I hope someone, someday, develops a truly customizable, open-source browser. It would be great to have one.

  49. Grumps wrote on

    Its just rubbish…I hate the thing …90 of my add-ones wont work.

  50. Dave Salapa wrote on

    I Have been a loyal Firefox user for many years, and trusted it to be better than any other browser out there. I also was extremely happy with the way Firefox could be customized to our/my liking since I am on line for hours every day and customization made it easier and more pleasant to use. But I gotta tell ya, You people really screwed the pooch on this one. I’m all for advancement in technology and improving things to make a product better, but in this case with the upgrade to version 57 of Firefox, you people at Mozilla just alienated and pissed off every single Firefox user around the globe. Stop and think how many users that is…..For me, I was using Classic Theme Restorer and Classic Toolbar Buttons extensions because I did not like the standard UI that Firefox provided, so I customized it to my personal preference. And as far as going to a new page to “Find a compatible replacement”, well….that’s a joke. THERE ARE NO COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENTS! Sure, the extensions I was using are for ease of use and personal preference, but think about all the people that have all their extensions disabled and no replacement exists. I also don’t need an address bar that stretches across almost the entire screen, and I seriously doubt anyone else does either, and I have not found a way to make it smaller. So, yeah, Firefox Quantum….worst piece of crap I have ever seen come out of Mozilla. Of course I am disappointed, yes I am pissed off. I had Firefox set up just the way I like it, and now it’s about as bad as Internet Explorer which I hate with a passion. Thanks a lot for screwing up my favorite browser, Mozilla. What a mindless stupid thing you have done.

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