December’s Featured Extensions

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Pick of the Month: Group Speed Dial

by Juraj
Organize all your favorite websites with visual bookmarks.

“Fast. All other speed dials are resource hungry and slow.”

Featured: Gesturefy

by Robbendebiene, Itch
Enjoy 40+ customizable mouse gestures. Includes multi-language support.

“Very good as an alternative to FireGesture.”

Featured: Tree Style Tab

by Piro
Display your open tabs in a tree style.

“Perfect for opening lots of tabs on a widescreen monitor. All tabs remain readable contrary to the normal tab layout.”

Featured: Multi-Account Containers

by Mozilla
An official Mozilla extension, Multi-Account Containers lets you keep distinct parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs. Cookies are separated by container, allowing you to use the Web with multiple identities simultaneously.

“This add-on is my daily partner. Now Facebook doesn’t know what I buy ;).”

Featured: User-Agent Switcher

by RayLo
A tool to spoof user-agent strings.

“Easy to use and portable too. Thank you!!”

Featured: Tab Auto Refresh

by Alex
Automatically refresh your tabs on custom time intervals.

“This is the first auto reload/refresh Firefox extension that I’ve found that can be customized for each tab that I have! This is exactly what I wanted and it works fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Featured: Google Translator

by Andy Portman
Access a simple way to translate single words or large, complex phrases.

“Easy to use, amazing pop-up background, a powerful dictionary translator!”

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6 responses

  1. confused wrote on :

    Featured: Tab Auto Refresh

    by Alex
    A tool to spoof user-agent strings. ????????????????????????

  2. Robert Ab wrote on :

    Firefox 57 and Quantum are definitely big achievements. But at the same time you destroyed a lot of great addons, like SESSION MANAGER / TAB MIX PLUS. I am staying with Firefox 56 (or Waterfox) until you will solve the problem (see below). Firefox is going to loose a lot of advanced users.

    Can you prepare APIs needed by developers of Session Manager / Tab Mix Plus (for its session manager functionality) and other similar extensions (Tab Session Manager, MySessions) to make capable WebExtensions?

    Some of those developers stated clearly that they will prepare WebExtension only after all APIs will be prepared by Mozilla. Here are links with statements
    from Session Manager developer Michael Kraft (Morac):

    The list of needed APIs by those addons:

    Bug reported on Bugzilla@Mozdev

    Also those session manager extensions could cooperate nicely with FF multi-account containers.

    1. tedus wrote on :

      as i also miss some extensions and tried to replace them:
      try Tab Session Manager for session manager – for me it is an ok replacement.

      Also hope that multi-account containers get some updates – as to me it seems sessions are not saved.

      Gestures replacements are also ok – although not working on all sides (like the official addon site)

      1. Robert Ab wrote on :

        I tried Tab Session Manager is separate profile and I had A LOT OF PROBLEMS. Right now this addon is at alpha development stage. So I came back to FF56/Waterfox 56.

        Right now good session manager is the only extension, which is keeping me not to use FF57.

  3. zakius wrote on :

    so, you feature gestures extension, but refuse to provide API required to make it actually work? makes sense
    seriously, it is the main reason why moving to 57+ is impossible

  4. Robert L. Myers I Esq. wrote on :

    I do not like the new website you cannot find anything you it harder for the users to move around in you need to but it back the way it was.
    And to make all of the add-on where you can use them in all of the verison of Firefox